Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)

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Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)

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Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out) 2018.всё такой же ахуенчик💪💪👍👍
Nov 2018?
Radiohead's best song by a mile.
This song really does plummet you from complete safety to absolute fear in a matter of 4 minutes
The mutz nutz
Just discovered this song now...
The best thing that has happened to me this week
11/12/2018 still
БЕZNОГИМ? Это сообщение немного пугает и кажется жутким.
ВСМАТРИВАЯСЬ ЧЕРЕЗ ТВОИ ГЛАЗА. Но после прочтения, у тебя не случится паники.
ЛЮБИТb МИR. У тебя все будет хорошо
Creepy song. Reminds me the children of the corn or something
Warning(for haters): That is true story, don`t judge me if you don`t know me.

When I first listened to this song was when I was 9 (the year of release in that channel), while i was sleeping! Yes, and now the haters will say "buT iF YOu WeRE AslEeP, tHEn hOw dO yoU knOw ThAt yOU dID?". Well, my dad loves music (even if he isn`t a musician) and told me: "You just fell asleep and I started a great song on the PC !". I thought about asking for the name`s song, but I didn`t, because i didn`t listen to music often (but now-never stop!). But as the new day was passing, I was singing the song`s melody, even if I haven`t heard it (I mean i didn`t know anything for this song(I guess..)). That was for like two weeks when i started searching for the song because i remembered that my dad told me about a song and I thought "Could it be it?". While searching, I started to tell apart some of the words or, if I can say, one of the lines - "Fade out again", because they were of the melody I knew (somehow). I typed it in YouTube at 2017, because, somehow, this memories dissapeared and appeared again at 11 year old me. At first, I didn`t discern much of the song, but when i heard "Faaaaaade ooooouuuuuuut agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain" and the melody, I told myself "This is it. Finally." And for a year, I like it even more than then.
One of the best bands! Right here!
I fucking love this song. Easily one of my favourites of all time.
Immerse your soul in love...
People who listen to stupid music that we are making in these days shouldn't express themselves on one of the best group of rock-pop
Que preciosura una joya de video.
Una de las canciones más hermosas y tristes de Radiohead
...holy shit