Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

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Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

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Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters I love this song lol it's such a classic.
Love the 80s and 90s,Ghostbusters was a good classic to watch...
Olé el negro!!! ♡♡♡
I love that The Real Ghostbusters did the same dance from this video at the end of each episode
Look on the wall when that hot chick first comes in the neon room. The first iPhone is on the wall.
I bet all those people who make cameos wish they were in the movie.
something strange in the neighbourhood

Bill Murray is so far, he's from another dimension of comedy!
iPhone X on wall 0:21
this song is great
Then Fall Out Boy made their bullcrap version.
El maldito Bill Muray
I love this song so much💙💜💚💛
Ice and fire from Russia! For those who love the 80's Click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L8hhhLBbKU
Best clip ever
and to think of the new trash reboot use this song at the beginning.......
Which is your favorite song
There is no Dana only...... Ellen. (she is more badass than Zuel)