Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters (Official Music Video)

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Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters (Official Music Video)

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Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters (Official Music Video) Omg the all time hallowen classic omg fabulous
Goood 🖤🖤🖤
Who is from 2019???
sue alba ..we dont care .what you say you are bc it only matters what you are four real
Me: There’s an ACTUAL GB sequel?
I want a new Ghost.
I'm glad I saw these movies before the feminist remake
When you hear someone say "i aint fraid" thats TRINY TALK !!!! 😂 😨
Não tem nenhum BR aqui ksks
I aint afraid of no ghost then all of a sudden a Ghost Pulls Up
That girl in the video is totally hot!
“If someone asks you: “Are you a god?”, you say YES!”
Гоооост Бастееерсссс
Estas recomendaciones me recuerdan cuando tenía 6 años, nunca entendí que chingados tenía que ver la música pero no pudo quedar otra mejor.
Who Ya Gonna Call? HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS!!! So you can steal their song ("I Want a New Drug") and duplicate it as your own as this song; because EVERY SINGLE song you made after your first hit, "Jack & Jill", unfortunately sounded like a remake of that same first hit, and you couldn't come up with a different sounding original song on your own. And THEN what ya gonna do? Get sued up the wazoo in Court for plagiarism, to the tune of millions in retroactive royalties, in perpetuity. Dumb-ass song thief!!!
3:35 ex congressman Frankin lmao!!
Chevy Chase shows up, then they mention the Invisible Man
I like the movie called ghostbusters❤
Senator Franken is in this doing a David Byrne impression. Dear god I'm old.