Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

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Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

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Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters who here and 11 years old and who like 1990s movie's cuz i know i do
2:14 LOL
#1 from Aug.11 - -Aug.31, 1984
R.I.P Harold ramis and John candy
if here a hear
some woofs
in the neighborhood
who you call
selam cigerim
1:23 I'm calling the police.
3:47 Carly Simon OMGOMGOMG
so 80s. so fun
Holy shit that white girl is hot. Who's she?
With the news of ghostbusters 3 and the absence of Egon, maybe they could include an actor like Tim Allen 🤔
black music is king
I ain't afraid of no ghosts
I'm here because I'm old and I just heard rumors about Ghostbusters 3 with Dan akroyd and bill Murray not a sequel to the shitty 2016 remake
ghostbusters jeeeeeey
gET Meh the GHosTBuSTers
Even if im young and was never alive back then i love the work done on ghostbusters .The instrumental the characters are really well done.
Me encantaba esta Cancion cuando era Niña... 😍 y Aun la Amo. Que Recuerdos!
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