Rep. Steve King Stripped Of Power And What Took Republicans So Long To Hold Him Accountable?

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Rep. Steve King Stripped Of Power And What Took Republicans So Long To Hold Him Accountable?

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Rep. Steve King Stripped Of Power And What Took Republicans So Long To Hold Him Accountable? I don't understand how immigrants are supposed to have hollow calves.
IT seems to me that every person is inherently trapped by their own point of view, and objectivity is very difficult. Probably the only way to be objective is to remain silent.
Arguably it is of some benefit to seriously entertain the possibility that one may have 'biases' of their own. It's even possible, however unlikely it may seem, that TYT hasn't quite corned the market on 'objective truth'.
What is irony? The castaways on Gilligan's Island had a strong community, provided and cared for another, yet wanted to return to "civilization", which is de-evolving with legal and illegal drugs, political and corporate corruption, increasing hate speech and hate crimes, and misdirection from important issues. We should be more honest, and call it Western dystopia. And Spain is part of Europe, and its former colonies ARE part of Western civilization too. They formed constitutional republics based on us.
Why did it take them so long to acknowledge hes a white supremacist?
The combination of ignorance and a superiority mental disorder that Steve King has makes him a danger to society. All previous and finished efforts or "work"that he has done should be examined as probable hazardous danger to society. That is probably why he had motive to be placed as the Council of Human Rights. The contributing efforts to the work that he has done should be investigated.
So supplying the drugs is somehow worse than the AMERICANS who demand and consume them??!
2:26 is hilariously awkward
George Washington Carver and the various usages of the peanut. Modern Medicine is a legacy of the middle east, As is mathematics
Yes Steve king is a racist prick
Cult 45 is so stupid if you laced koolaid they would drink it
There are gangs In Chinese and Japanese culture and drug dealers in those nationalities why is it that you never see them on the news and you never hear the government say anything about them. But Hispanics and Blacks are all deemed as drug dealers and gang members? I have yet to meet a black man or a Hispanic man with a air plane who could bring in Heroin from the middle east. However Hispanics and Blacks are stupid enough to be the ones to sell it to their own people and go to jail for it. When your in the city and you see 20 million dollar homes 85 percent of the time those are your real drug dealers.
Please keep in mind that Steve King is the asshole who wants to bring back dog fighting. What kind of human gets pleasure out of watching wonderful, beautiful animals, "mans best friend", attack other innocent, loyal animals and make them fight to the death?!? A sickening subhuman who has no more compassion for his fellow citizens than he has for the animals he gets a thrill out of watching get torn apart alive.

I hope someone shoots him in the head.
Where are the progressives to censor the Humas caucus? AOC has messed up where is her punishment?
Trumpism is a demographic war, that is what it is. It is the fear of the WASP of becoming a minority, forgetting the bloody forging of this country through the assassination of Native Americans, the subjugation of Blacks, and the stealing of Mexican territory using Manifest Destiny and Zionist influence. Furthermore, Trump supporters also yearn for a romantized and fallacious version of "America"(that never existed) and where "everyone knew her or his place." In other words: They think that "Leave it to Beaver" and "The Andy Dick Show" were two utopias where Whites were always living a decent life, while minorities were rotting in immorality. Black and Brown individuals were there, behind the cameras, scrubbing toilets and serving food, while experiencing a segregated situation justified on Biblical precepts which were taking out of context and manipulated. I fear for people like Mike Pence, Franlking Graham, Dr. James Dobson, and Paula White: They sold their sold to this devil. THIS IS NOT A GENERALIZATION OF WHITE PEOPLE. The Civil Rights Movement was ignited also by the great help of many of our White sisters and brothers and their bravery to detach themselves from the matrix and an unfair status quo. I am actually half white and my dad is one the best individuals in this world.
Racism disguised as a utopia where Black and Brown people did not exist. What is worse, a false version of Christianity is used to justify Trumpism!
What took the COUNTRY so long to hold steve king accountable?

If the "people" don't care why should the repubs?
The Swastika while perverted by Nazism, is a live, revered and current religious symbol! Letting Nazism, pervert this ancient symbol grants that ideology a needless win.
Please add that Egypt was a race of black people. Eyewitness history, paintings in the pyramids and many other ruins show this. So when you bring up early civilization make this distinction.
The Republicans don't want to lose the seat and he's slipping.
TYT Is Racists...((Also))
What About Slavery REPARATIONS...???
At 4:11 seconds, Ana says that King's comment about 'cantaloupe calves' refer to them smuggling drugs in their calves. Oh brother.