Rick Astley - Together Forever

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Rick Astley - Together Forever

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Rick Astley - Together Forever Chidas rolas me acuerdo cuando bailaba a mis 18 años
Rick rolled twice
Im Gonna peak all over everybody
At least someone good came out of Stock, Aitken and Waterman
Oh shit I just realized, this is not auto toned! That's his real voice!
His voice is amazing for a 22 year old there his voice is like a 35 year old
That's a deep voice for a childish lookin man.
Lovely 😍😍😍
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Trust Me its not a virus
Why im 2006 born ;(
His Face:👦
His Voice:👴
Me encanta este tema
Not bad. :(
whatever happened to him, his voice was so unique.
how does he have such a deep voice?
excelente música
I love this
I bought his album... dammit im addicted
Rick Astley is the bets