Rick Astley - Together Forever

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Rick Astley - Together Forever

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Rick Astley - Together Forever I love you
Like !!
back when love was a "real" thing in the air.
I haven't even begun to peak. But I'm gonna peak today. I'm gonna peak all over everyone. Make it work, Dennis. Make it work....
superb good looking person in the same time, it's so good to look at
ok we all are under the leggit of "Never let gonna give you up"
and still alive and singing today. Omg. So incredible
incredible he was considered as a real artist
yeah there was also this song "together forever"
Good memories listening such a powerful Velvet&Iron voice of the great singer Rick Astley🎼👏👏👏
Melhor musica
It was the demo song of Casio ToneBank ca100, muy first keyboard, today I found this I'm going to cry! nostalgic af <3
2018??? Like this if u saw this a million times
Brian Griffin sent me here
Back to disco
Que gran cantante es mi favorito
It makes me feel so coooooooooooooollllll