Rick Astley - Together Forever

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Rick Astley - Together Forever

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Rick Astley - Together Forever Who Is Watching This In 2017
la woque
This video is so 80's it hurts
I am age 32 not popular anymore
Lovely song I'm in school and I even no this song.
You haven't even begun to peak.
When life was simple
Fox News brought me here. Heard this song play.
But i knew it was Rick Astley.
Who live in 2017?
I was rickrolled?...
I have 16 years old and I love funk.
Can't get enough of this
한화의 롬런타자 김태균~~워우워워우워우~~ 한국인이거나 한화팬이신분들은 좋아요랑 댓글해주세요~
Together forever 2017
I LOVE him. Everybody cracks on him. He is immensely talented. Hate those haters.
he's actually really attractive like wow
This is when real music was made
Call me whatever you want, but I love this mans voice. It brightens my day so quick. 😍