Rick Astley - Together Forever (Video)

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Rick Astley - Together Forever (Video)

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Rick Astley - Together Forever (Video) Never Gonna Give You Up 2
1970? 1980?1990?
The wlole word wachs rik
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Rick love you for ever, i, d like to have a Man like you, for the rest of my life
I came thinking its the together forever song from Pokemon. The song still good though.
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I must have been 14 when this song played...my God so many centuries ago
This song's the key to world peace.
2018..together forever..
im 22 years old but I love old songs 😍😍😍😍😍😍
..Together forever 💋❤⚘Rossi😘😘😘. ..JR😎
Can this song be used in a video as a rick roll even though it isn't Never Gonna Give You Up?
This kinda has the rhythm from never gonns give you up
July 2018
Rick Astley ~ Together Forever MEGA HIT 1987
love this song still!!!!!
Love 2018
Brazil ❤