Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (Explicit) ft. Wale, Drake

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Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (Explicit) ft. Wale, Drake

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Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (Explicit) ft. Wale, Drake I love the model perfect for song...
Wale killed this I still listen to this song
i was gonna be so disappointed if there was no pineapples
"Then we f*** all night till things get right"
ROZAY is the best. Mood music/ late night luxury/call it what you want
memories, blessings!!!
This song wouldn't be shit without 3 things
1 - the piano
2 - Wales intro
3 - drake
Pray for Rick Ross he is still in the hospital🙏I hope you get well😷keep being strong for all your fans and fam💪much love from all your fans😘I love you Rick Ross❤️PRAY FOR RICK ROSS🙏you have really amazing music hopefully more soon🌟
I once dedicated this to a woman who I held on a pedestal, far too high for her true worth smh. Life lessons. Still a great song, nonetheless!
Here watching this in 2018 💪🏽 good memories
@2:55 He's all sweaty and uncomfortable lol
This is such a classic song. Everything about it is so of it’s time. Wale’s monologue, Drake’s flawless hook, and Rick Ross’ effortless chill vibe are all iconic. 2009-2013 was a prime time for music.
F Bounty bar
Ross voice sound dope on this trackkkkkk
Damn she fine
Wale intro🔥
2012-2018 still listening 💯🙏🏾