Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (Explicit) ft. Wale, Drake

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Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (Explicit) ft. Wale, Drake

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Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (Explicit) ft. Wale, Drake my home axa
This trio needs another collab ! 🔥🤞🏾
December 2017?
I want an infinity pool! Lol
Bernice Burgos <3
On this
Of course his fat ass gonna have a song about some food😂😂
TBH I'm here for the drake hook
I miss 2012
Bernice Burgos so fly that she shouldnt even walk.
Like to go deep bt I hate to be deeply involved.
I love poetry
been my shit I was locked up in NYC wen dis came out
Lol I just figured out what diced pineapples mean
Wale's intro is the best part and the women in this music video are stunning <3 <3 one of my favorite songs and music videos
"Call me crazy girl at least you call me" I love that line
Drake should’ve had a verse
Women are happiness of men
Man. I feel like this is the only place I can let my feelings lose. Ebony I'm so sorry for what I've done I'm not man enough to admit that I'm wrong. I let you walk away because of my pride. When I showed these other women with my attention and love, you sat there with a smile and ignored it.

You were better than I needed anyways. Two years and it finally hits me. What have I done?

I sit here and wonder why I can't find happiness, when god put it before me and I squandered the opportunity to grasp it.

Is this a punishment I wonder? Maybe so, because no matter what I do my heart hurts.

I've had so many chances with so many amazing women, but I let my insecurities get to me... it took this long to realize my wrongs. How can a nigga recover?? What can I do to make this new girl mines?

Is this how you all looked at me? She's everything I want, and more. A single word from her can destroy me or uplift me. I'm at a lost of words. Maybe I'm overthinking things..

She told me not to worry, that it'll be alright. But I can't trust her. She's too perfect for me. What can I do? I'm nothing but a coward with a strong poker face. I can crush a woman's heart without a single care, but when mines wavers... it sends chills down my spine.. 😞😔😔

Maybe this is the Henney talking.

Who knows. I can't vent enough. It hurts so bad. It hurts. Please don't let me fall... I want to hold you in my arms in never let you go. I want to keep you safe from harm and never bring tears to your eyes. But the fear of losing you has petrified my soul. I don't want you to leave... your love is all I crave. It's what's missing from being. My soul craves love. How ironic... I cast love aside for fun and games... now when I need it the most I waver in fear.

Lord please don't let this new woman leave me please. I beg you, I don't know what'd I do. Cry? The tears won't flow it I can feel the pain. It travels through my veins with the regret of my past.

Tsk... sorry YouTube. Make fun of me if you want. I just want to release my frustrations and insecurities unknown like the coward I am. Forgive me
Drake & Rozay have some classic hip hop songs of the 2010's