Rihanna - Rude Boy

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Rihanna - Rude Boy

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Rihanna - Rude Boy 2017😍
Channeling Grace Jones...
This was track 8 and the 4th single from Rihanna's 4th album "Rated R" and was the 9th song I learned by this super cool singer and is my favorite. Rihanna, you rock! This is another 2009 party song right here. Rihanna performed this song at The 2010 Kids Choice Awards along with "Hard."
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cozy love
cozy love
Best Rihanna song in my opinion! 🤗
2010 foi um dos melhores pra quem gosta de uma boa música.
Yo hablo en esoañol
Like if you are in 2017
So, my rude boy changed. But this is still my jam.😙😙😙😙💋💋💋💋❤
elo sister 01.01.1988 date anyway i do not read because they are doing it for her people means that is human ??
am I the only one who hears "common rude boy boy you should take a nap"? :DD
1:23 Best part of the video
I listened to this when I was 10...I'm 17 now. Omg is this sexual.
2018 anyone?
How tf does Britney have less subs then Rihanna
eeeeeehh eeeeeeh oh that sounds like pendulum...stop OH SHI!
Wait, she was already slim thick 7 years ago?