Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

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Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

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Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love Those girls turned me straight back in the day.
who wanted to be Robert back then .i know i did
The song my parents met to.
I was a senior when this came out.
When I was training to drive 18-Wheelers Years ago, our Trainer constantly carried a cup around in one hand to spit his Chewing Tobacco into. Myself and a few of my Classmates sang "Might as Well Face It, You're Addicted to Snuff" to him. He thought it was AWESOME!! What a great guy he was! 😎 👍 💖
SJW would dislike this because there is too many white people.
This Cat Was Nothing Less Than A bad Ass.
Robert was the only guy that had a corporate look but pulled it off and looked cool. He was one of a kind and found his niche in the music industry.
Of all the 80s he may had the best hairstyle and face^^
Just think if that solo album was the next Power Station Album. Oh, well....
2:35 her tong her lips mmmmmmm
Palmer got a lot of soul
I love that fuzzy music, not sure how it's produced.
Gotta love that braless jiggle.
i like it
Cannot forget the lovely dancing ladies
He was and will always be the sexiest man ever!
I think our family is big enough to shoot this video, gang😎😊😊