Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

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Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

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Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love I could have sworn that Robert Palmer was in this video.
I hope Robert banged everyone of these chick's in the pussyhole!!! Also the rookie chute.
2019 lmao addicted loving this jam
Who's Line is it
You don't get it
Vive rock
Aaaah, actual music.
I can't believe it and rip fifty six fifty nine or what is is it
I feel like part of a never mind I am sorry never mind again and over And out
Broken arrows qupid sucks hear me
Hey Anthony, I watched it 3 x in a row. Unless he is wearing a black dress I don't think he is in this video.

The guitar in this song is pure Rock n roll.
I heard an interview about this song and originally they used the word 'drugs' in place of 'love'...certainly fits...but they changed it for 'some' reason :)
MIBs they are LIBs (ladies in black)
RIP Robert Palmer...🙏🙏!!
Such a amazing song...
Most of Mr Palmers songs are about shagging lol.
If they shot this MV in 2019 it will be deemed sexist and the women will be body shamed for looking too thin hahahahaha #sjw
Classics are gold
Just think, in the US in 2019 this video would be considered racist😒