Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

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Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

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Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love 🌹 🌹 Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer one Classy dude. RoCked catchy tunes and evey man could resist watching his videos. R.I.P. Btw catch his video I DIDN'T MEAN TOO TURN YOU ON. UTube
This song was legend. What a time it was to be alive!
Every time I listen to this song, it takes me back when I used to go to the strip joints in LA back in the 80s. They always played this song.
The dude was a pimp. I always loved his music since the 80’s. I’m so sad he died. Only man who could do rock in a suit and tie and be that pimp
I wonder if they were paid extra to be off beat.
Robert Palmer, R.I.P.
2019 💋💋💋
R.I.P. Robert Palmer
Jimmy Fallon is that you? :v
Let's meet the girls as they are in the video, from ..Julie Pankhurst-keyboards, Patty Kelly-guitar, Mak Gilchrist-bass, Julia Bolino-guitar and Kathy Davies-drum/partially hidden in the back. the girls as they are today, ..Julie-works in retail and is a mother, Patty-landscape designer with 2 children, Kathy-lives in Thailand where she does charity work, Mak-still models in England and Julia-hair and makeup artist.
yeah. my throat is tight.
If I had infinite cocaine and those babes I probably wouldn't survive the night. RIP Palmer.
Might as well face it, you're addicted to likes!😂
Ah the days when girls had well turned ankles.
2019 😏
Y yes I am I suppose thank you now I know what's wrong with me....
Oh my. The girl at 1:05 has a ladder....