Rose Laurens - Africa (Voodoo Master)

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Rose Laurens - Africa (Voodoo Master)

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Rose Laurens - Africa (Voodoo Master) Rest in peace.. your art will live forever!
Ah rose la bele epoque je pleure 1982
repose en paix rose
RIP 😭 😭 Rose laurens, wir werden dich sehr vermissen, du wirst in deinen Songs und Im 💜deiner Fans auf ewig leben 😭😭😘😘👼👼ich liebe deine Songs
R.I.P † 30. 04. 2018
I loved this track so much back in the 80's. Rose will be sadly missed by those who enjoyed the 80's French music!
Rest in Peace, Rose. Thank you for this great Track!
Traurig... eine gewaltige Soulstimme ist von uns gegangen"!!! Rose... wir werden dich nie vergessen"!!!
RIP Rose
RIP Rose Laurens!
It is sad that she's dead! I heard that a few days ago! And It's still a good song!
R.I.P .. Rose
Rest in peace Rose!
Ruhe in Frieden rose 😔
rest in peace.another great voice is gone, but never forgotten.( video scared me as a kid by the way)
Now sehe is dead horrible