Roxette - Almost Unreal (Official Video)

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Roxette - Almost Unreal (Official Video)

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Roxette - Almost Unreal (Official Video) best song
Regards Roxette , one good song yet not my favorite. Regards actors, awful Denis Hooper son is a fucking efebophile for raping a teeny kid , the most horrible shit a man can do is killing and being a efebophile and peddofile person, anything else is a lower level of wrongeness, find no peace in hell you and your sick son.
I was a small boy and my mom bought me the roxette cassette, because I thought its a Super mario game. Anyway, I love this song, means a lot to me.
я одна русская, которая знает эту группу? и любит ее?
I still listening in 2018 October
2018 still rocks
My group when growing up. LOVE YOU, MY 90´s
2018 =D
Come in from the cold
Put that coat to rest
Step inside
Take a deep breath
And do what you do best
Kick off them shoes
And leave those city streets
I do believe
Love came our way
Fate did arrange
For us to meet
I love when you do
That hocus pocus to me
The way that you touch
You've got the power to heal
You give me that look
It's almost unreal
It's almost unreal
We can't stop the rain
Let's find a place by the fire
Sometimes I feel
Strange as it seems
You've been in my dreams
All my life
It's a crazy world out there
Let's hope our prayers
Are in good hands tonight
Love or hate the movie, but I think we can all agree that its song is absolutely kick-ass.
We all know he's playing the Switch.
Gabriel Ender loves this song.
I Love you Roxette 😍😍😍😍😍 Forever
I could listen it a milion times again
Jessika ich Liebe Dich.....
Como sabiam fazer musica boa..!!!!!
wonderfull roxette