Russ - My Baby (Ruby Rose)

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Russ - My Baby (Ruby Rose)

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Russ - My Baby (Ruby Rose) Isn't she from Orange is the New Black
amo este tipos de musicas joder estan buenas
Low key...she looks hot as a guy and girl...
She fine af 😍
roooooos :3
Богиня. Идеальное лицо.
круто быть и девушкой и парнем
Да, это жестко.
Am i the only lesbian who isnt into this chick?? Lol wack
She’s name???
She is so gorgeous
Raios ♡ Me Facina
I forgot my gender now
I'm only here for her! 💞
Were is she from
Amk Kızı Benden Yakışıklı Oldu.(Sanki Yakışıklıymışım Gibi'de ''Benden Yakışıklı Oldu'' Demem Yokmu :D)
And they Say I am Gay

For Falling So hARD
Моя девочка ПИЗДЕЦ
Oh my god ❤❤