Sabaton - Masters of the World

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Sabaton - Masters of the World

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Sabaton - Masters of the World king joakim broden, this is just one of their avg sons.. but itws still amazing :D
I hate and love this song cause they always play it at the end of a gig but I love it because it'a a very good song.
wtf am I doing listening thru the whole playlist? I have assignments tomorrow n need to wake up early... but I cant stop.......
I dedicate this song to kikes
This sounds like a song a bunch of drunk guys would sing on karaoke night. X'D
sabaton volbeat and black label society need to go on a world tour together that would be so fucking bad ass
it just came up again on auto-play list, this song is terrible, its the worst riffs ever, its like something someone would write when they first learn to play the flute

La voz suena a puto macho pelo en pecho musculos de oso, pero el tono es tan, como decirlo, FABULOUS!
When you are in PvP, nearly dead, heal up and charge at the enemie again.
Hell yeah😎
der song ist echt gut bis dan scheiß Nazis
Europe will be fully white again , give it 1-5 years. After that we´ll start thinking that why in gods cock are we paying for muslims for oil or any tropic countries for our vacations when we could just take them all to ourselves, since it´s perfectly ok for them to come to our countries and do whatever they want yet be the eternal victims then why shouldn´t we do the same for them and make hate speech laws for all third worlders and jews which sentence them for 15 years of forced labour for critisizing white people(just like it is in Germany right now, just reversed).

It´s funny how I thought I was born too late and my skills in shooting and other military competitions would go to waste when infact I was born in just the right time for the European civil war and new colonial wars. I am just so happy that I get to experience all that.

And for all those cunts thinking that I belong to a minority with no real influence, then think about why I have never been arrested even though I have written everything about dealing with the jewish problem and killing all subhumans, and I have sent threats to corrupt officials, police and politicians. The answer is that times are changing and the police are afraid they might start something that would end badly for them by trying to arrest dangerous people like me for hate speech.
5+? Jak dla mnie na 6 jeśli nie na 7 xD
probably the worst sabaton song. the singing is bad, the tunes ok, but the rasp.
sabaton is either SUPER FUCKING EPIC or extremely corny. there is no inbetween
Trump is blasting this in the white house now.
Escucho a Sabaton hace 6 años, todo lo que escuchado de ellos me parece brutal, no importa cuántas veces escuche una de sus canciones siempre exploto como la primera vez, me registro en todas mis cuentas
con mi correo kornsabaton, el día que lo cree estaba escuchando a las dos bandas. Tengo un podio de favoritas de Sabaton, 1: 40-1; 2: Shadows; 3: Back In Control
Should be Navy Seals theme song
fajnie film do szkoły z 8,5m wyświetleń :)
9 year..