Sade - Smooth Operator (Official Music Video)

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Sade - Smooth Operator (Official Music Video)

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Sade - Smooth Operator (Official Music Video) SMOOOOOOTH OPERATIOOOOOON
Carlos Sainz brought me here
Vamo vamo vamo toma toma ay ay ay ay
Who's NOT here because of Carlos sainz?
Carlos sainz 🇪🇸 😂
You are damn right Tomaso!

I honestly have no fucking clue to Carlos Sainz is.
Smooth Operator...
Smoooooth Operatooooor!!!!

- Carlos Sainz (#BritishGP and #HungarianGP 2019)
Carlos Operator
Mr Sainz reminded me of this, been stuck in my head all week!! Finally gave in....
Legendary.. Brilliant.. Timeless.. Sade 🥰🌹💐 🎶💃🏼. San Francisco, California. 8-19-19. Thanks for posting. 🌹
Carlos Sainz!!!
Work Sade so smooth so relaxing
I got this recommended to me. Yup, YouTube knows me well. Also, thank you, Carlos, for introducing me to this song.
Where is sainz?
I thought i would be the only F1 fan to visit this for Sainz. Pity me.
I'm here because of Helen Sade Adu
Who is Seinz? I'm just here for the song. A couple of weeks ago there weren't so many comments.