Sail-Awolnation Feat. Mad Mike

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Sail-Awolnation Feat. Mad Mike

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Sail-Awolnation Feat. Mad Mike
DAMN @ 1:09 that part was sick as fuck!!
de ja vu
Drift that beast all around ken block
that driver has talent but that pilot!?!! damn
Мазда эрекс 7
Top drivers do not describe it as driving. They 'think it' to get the car a rounds the track as it all happens so quick. They drive with the subconscious rather than the conscious mind. They are in the zone. They are at one with the car. It becomes an extension of their body. An exoskeleton perhaps. They are just the brain and their limbs are neurons. Man and machine are unified. They did not show the driver's face. He was me. Ha ha.
Powered by Red Bull, literally. Just look under the hood/bonnet. It runs on one can of the drink. Ha ha.
this Mazda goes bang bang !!!!!!!!!!
You got so far in life
What goes on in my head all day
Crown glory 👊👊👊👑
my favorite is 0:55-0:57
sooooooo dope helllssss yessss sirzzz getttinnnn an the fire balls oooooo yesss sirzzz I'm down too let me get my helmet too bro I ride an die for the JDM family let's goo
car enthusiast intensifies
What type of car is it
The legend himself
Best moment 0:00 - 0:20 😘😘