Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One

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Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One

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Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One oh my god love this song
not that it matters but, who else thought this man was black?
I don't even have a boyfriend, but this song makes me feel like I've just been cheated on
i love !!
Good Song😍♡
why would anyone cheat on that woman. she is a dime
I love this song :)
His voice is so deep xD
u cant be cheating such a pretty wife
my b did me dirty
2017, ¿where are the music like this?
i will never cheat ma wife but if she do it probably i will kill her and eat her :D
wow that man touches the boobs of the girl
di depan sana loh
Esta canción es lo más!Lo mejor de este video es el final,ya que muestra la triste realidad...A pesar de que una persona que tanto amemos nos engañe seguimos con ellos pensando que algún dia cambiaran.
Amo amo ❤️🎶
ya no me recuerda tanto a ella.
its Quinn fabray