Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One

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Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One

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Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One rosto angelical,voz maravilhosa.
Take his money, burn his stuff and the house, leave, become anonymous and hire a hitman to kill him
"Usain, I'm crazy"
Damn! He left you because of your Justin beiber hairdo! what'd you expect???
a week before july 2017. i know im not the only one ☺
To be honest I don't understand how or why a person cheats on the person they are in a relationship with particularly their spouse. It is not only wrong but also selfish and disrespectful. How could you be so careless and unthoughtful to not see what this would to them. That it may make them feel worthless or not good enough because you didn't have enough audacity to be faithful and show them the love they deserve.
l am not the only one
Mike the Asshole Does Not get Anything!!!
How many Boyfriends has she had??? More than Delbert, I bet.
Didn't she have a Boyfriend named Darnel, was he a black guy???
she is fucking beautiful
2017 e Eu Aqui
me jode la existencia que se vaya en auto y vuelva caminando 😱
i would kill him if he did that to me
Musica muito legal
Sam Smith look like that gibby dude off of I Carly
who is listen this song and crying 😢😭
Sam smith after ed sheeran will get me the feels every time!