Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One

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Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One

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Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One my friend almost ruined all his song by telling me all his love songs are abut dudes.... butt fuck it there to good not to listen to
dudes a fucking idiot lmao
wow that guy is a jerk! he is cheating with an another girl and the girl was so ugly he's real wife was much much more beautiful then that girl ur cheating with
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At first I thought it was Jennifer Lawrence
Dianna Agron is definitely one of the most attractive women ever.
wake me up when this gets a billion views
The bit you were waiting for 0:41
If I make breakfast for someone and he say that .. Probably I would'nt react like her. 😂
I cried thinking about someone :'(
12:13 AM soldados
Chris you have no heart- you've been bad not only to me but to all the women in your life. You don't know what love is. She deserves you because she's so needy that she will stay after all this. Its pathetic!
Everytime I come here with the expectation that she fucking kills that bastard! I'm telling you adding poison to the food is not that difficuilt when the person is so disgusting!
I know.. I'm not the only one.. TO HAVE F*CKT UP that bad. I'm really sorry

''you say I'm crazy ,craaaaazy cause you don't think I know you've done" my mom when I did something wrong and I lied ( :
Well either all the neighbours are blind and deaf....or they f*cking hate this PR*CK too because I'm sure one of 'em would've told him or at least called the cops after seeing her burn sh*t in the f*cking front yard!
er kmoe
Call me babe ❤️
The WIFE is better than the other one