Sarah Conner Feat. Natural - Just One Last Dance

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Sarah Conner Feat. Natural - Just One Last Dance

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Sarah Conner Feat. Natural - Just One Last Dance Wunder geschehen 😚
Eindeutig ein Love- Song mit Schmerz, Abhängigkeit voneinander und zwei verschiedene Welten. Sarah Connor sagt nach einigen Jahren schon dass sie Marc Terenzi nicht mehr liebt aber im Grunde genommen nimmt die Trennung sie ganz schön mit und ich finde dass es immer zwei Menschen braucht um sich zu zerfleischen
but it s the same beat of from Sarah with love !!!
One of the officially absolutely super best pieces of music that i know. They are such a geniuses a jsou též jedni z nejšikulinkaťoulinkatějších šikulků. :))
Toni braxton unbreak my heart anyone ?
Cool song 2018
i still am waiting for a dance on this song
I love this song so march
You spelt her name wrong.
jedna z fajniejszych piosenek Sary
It was her husband Mark Terenzi. Ex-husband now. And father of her two children
l love this song
Ich liebe Sara :-)
Best cheesy love song ever.
go listen to un-break my heart by Toni Braxton
love this song a looot
those guys look gay as fuck!
What a great duet... Wish there were more like this these days!!!
Yeah me too , once i had a dog but i dont have it anymore ... omg what the hell are you talking about :P i agree the singer and the song both are so perfect ;)
I remember the times when I used to live in Germany...and that song was in top,I loved this singer and this amazing I've forgotten German and want to try to recall that amazing language