Scorpions - Tease Me Please Me (Official Music Video)

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Scorpions - Tease Me Please Me (Official Music Video)

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Scorpions - Tease Me Please Me (Official Music Video) 🤘🤘🤘
5:03 "... didn't quiet finished. I'd like to have them back tomorrow", said the wife.
Esse música nunca deixará de ser foda.
Who's listen in 2019 thump's up all the way from Mexico
Thank yuo scoppions yes i know song and album my home is casette is home yeah! I know this sound is melodic hard rock sound
Scorpions no sangue ❤🤘
4:46 cena um tanto peculiar kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Love this song and this video & the Girl is Beautiful ! Does anyone know her name ? The Scorpions Rock !
The Best German Rock Band in the history of Deutschland.
Needs cowbell.
Damn good song very upbeat positive adrenalin energy, the way rock should be
Are there any russian people ?
Скорпы ! Это всегда было круто !
Timo Rekonen (+358) 045-80 671 54
do they have uncensored version of this??
My favourite band but the clip is awful
The husband at the beginning used to be on Star Trek and bunches westerns from the 60's and 70's. I worked with him in the security field his name is Jim. He loves telling stories about his past and he's a good storyteller.
"Get any work done around here today kid?"
"Ohhh yeah"
I prefer clean my pool by my self...