Seal - Kiss From A Rose(OST Batman Forever)

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Seal - Kiss From A Rose(OST Batman Forever)

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Seal - Kiss From A Rose(OST Batman Forever) Mongolia's Got Talent brought me here....
Don't care what anyone says.. this was my favorite batman movie!!!
Cool ass movie
kissed by a rose you say
maybe this should be played during a performance of the little prince
Of all things that bring nostalgia about, seeing this movie in theaters in 95 is the best memory. Good times
2:54 my favorite part
My power my pleasure my pain
a robins the most common bird and animal youre going to find during daylight
everybody knows that batman stops pretending to be into gorgeous supermodels and gets into orphan boys its the legend just like joker appearing on a tv
Becuse I like batman
This song is epic who dose not like Batman and who likes batman
The definitive Batman theme.
I remember being in elementary school, hearing about this movie and thinking “batman forever” was the most awesome movie title ever. And in spite of the randomness of this song being the theme song i still love it
go to 2:59
hi i don't like is number #1 the joker but can biggest batman story move on to finish it bye from alex james martin
Despite the movie's flaws, at least it has a good soundtrack at least.
wow 2018
This film is absolutely shit but this is both an irrelevant and wonderful song