Seal - Kiss From A Rose(OST Batman Forever)

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Seal - Kiss From A Rose(OST Batman Forever)

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Seal - Kiss From A Rose(OST Batman Forever) Linda demais essa musica e o clipe também, maravilhoso
humildade me lebra essa pessoa
Folks did not know that a black man song this song back in 1995 they were shocked to find out a white man did not sing this song lol
This song makes me sad for Bruce Wayne.
I saw this movie in 1995 when I was 10 and the thing I remember about this movie is this song
Brilliant song..nothing to do with the movie. Never mind, the song lives in our hearts.
This is the only thing that made Batman forever watchable despite the fact that it was the start of the franchise demise
2018 here song is still soild
Little did we know that this song would inherit Uganda Power.
#1 song
2:58 what
en que año se estreno esa pelicula?
I love this music
You idiots don’t get this song is about Batman and his push and pull between Bruce Wayne and Batman trying to live both and still maintain a relationship with Nicole Kidman’s character.Sickening how people think being dumb is cool.Its actually disturbing.
Childhood memories and stuff. Dude, I went through 3 cd players as a kid with this fucking soundtrack. That's how awesome it was.
Love this song
Batman is rock hard.
2:58 lol