Shakira - She Wolf (Official Music Video)

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Shakira - She Wolf (Official Music Video)

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Shakira - She Wolf (Official Music Video) nah la de español es mejor
me gusta mas la versión en español
Her wolf cry sounds like scooby doo and the ghoul school little werewolf girl cry
Kayla and Nya- She Wolf 🐺
1:48 and Iiiii will always love youuuu
Who thinks Shakira's underrated.
I regularly watch this muted when I can’t find anything to my taste on pornhub
Replace the music with horror music and edit the video a little bit and you’ve got yourself a cursed video
Better than lazy fat wolf selena Gomez
is she having seizure?
Me coming out of my moms uterus knowing i was gonna be the baddest 🤣
1:28 and 1:37 Her hair moves in a weird way....were they clips which were played backwards?
2019 ?
I used to liaten to this song since i was 2 and I'd be like aaoouu thw the howl
Queen shakira
Those hand movements are her signature moves :)
When she howls i think that is the cutest sound
What’s The Difference Between She Wolf And Loba ??