Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

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Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

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Shawn Mullins - Lullaby Ssoo many bittersweet memories made in LA....
bedrockabye oh! oh! bedrockabye
I love this song I'm 29 listened to this song when I was 9 in 1998 I believe I listened to you every day will always remember you
I don't fucking like this song anymore
Now thats what music sounds like beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics written by real music artists with heart and soul
Read the Francesca Lia Block novel The Hanged Man and marvel at how this song could be about the main character, Laurel.
the 90s were awesome ! I wish I could re-visit the 90's for one day only.
MIchael Scott brought me here.
did he just said rockabye? lol clean bandit
Who's listening in 2017?! #missthe90ssodamnmuch
we went to school together
I remember hearing this on The Amanda Show in one episode. It was played on one of those wraparounds before a commercial break.
been one of my faves since the first time I heard it. still is. July 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This brings back seriously good memories! Take me back now
Dominique Swain is a daughter of someone who put her into the movie industry
Lolita, where's Humbert Humbert? v:
Some great memories to this song. Damn I feel old...
evryyhinz honns br atlriye drinkung lilz happy fray simle
he looks like Jack Nicholson!! xD
This song makes me feel better