Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

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Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

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Shawn Mullins - Lullaby this is a beautiful sounding song no matter what decade
I love my music thanks u tub
One of the best songs ive heard.
Yes. I'm sure. I'd never "steal THAT DOG" NSA, and now it's "Floorless".
Get it, GOOF?
how the hell does this only have 4.4 mill views? i remember listening to this a good amount of times.
This is the better rockabye song!
Haha, almost 20 years of listening to this and just now seeing what Shawn Mullins looks like.
Rewatching The Office all the way through again brought me here 😁 great 90's song!
The Office bring anyone else here?
Tina Ngapurue whr you from?
So, that is the song Clean Bandit stole their song from?
Now all you millennial fucktards know why the 90s were the worst when it comes to music. 80s rock forever!
Steve Carrell from The Office brought me here.
totally lol...sounds like Jack Nicholson if he sang
I always remember MTV played this video in 90s
This guy looks like a fucking pedophile. Like he just picked one up and couldn't wait to ''rockabye" what a faggot, I'm guessing young boys.
I was trying to find this song, finally did
Among the most underrated.
nothing tops the 80's music
....yep....years later I still hate this song!