Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

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Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

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Shawn Mullins - Lullaby Great track
I always found it interesting that in 1998 when this song came out BELIEVE also came out sung by the same cher that is mentioned in his song.
Yes Divine Mercy Stars are Retards Damages of their Great Semitic Parties.
everything is gonna be alright wrap a pie
Here because I miss friends gone to the other side. Rockbye.
This song kinda sucks, but is still like the second coming of Jesus Christ compared to Ed Sheeran. They even look kinda similar, except one is a grown up.
"Puddin' on The Shcnitz"
I was 10. I remember we were under a tornado warning at like 1am. Mom had the radio on listening for weather updates and I heard this for the first time.
So, what we learned from this, since then is I ABSOLUTELY FUKN LIED TO YOU.
Im here from the office
Wow those are some feels there
29 yrs old, 5 mos pregnant baby number 4, eating my ham and cheese sandwich laying in bed watching this video and reminiscing 👐🏻
The beginning of the chorus sounds like Cathy Dennis' *Too many walls*.. It was driving me crazy!.>.<
The 90’s were magical
Listening to it In 2018 and drowning in the nostalgia.
I miss this song 😊
Like if here in 2018
thank you for the awesome show in Austin on March 27, 2018. Austin loves you <3
I just can't do this...