Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

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Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

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Shawn Mullins - Lullaby Cant thank you enough for this song, echoed in my head when helping friends so low.
I don't trust a guy who looks like that telling me it's all gonna be alright. Check your drinks ladies
Everything gonna be alright 783. 1,781. 98
Sounds like Jack Nicholson 2 me.
Bad Teacher brought me here
Fucking terrible song, I just had to find it to see how douchey the guy looked who sang it. Yeeeeeep not disappointed
Fuck off becky.
Was working my first job back then
Omg. This song. Wish I was young again. This takes me back, damn.
My dad tells me this was my favorite song when I was 2, and said he asked me if I understood that it was about a girl with depression, somehow as a 2 year old I understood the complexity of sorrow and saw what was great about this song. Although I think I was just listening to him say "everything is gonna be alright"
It wasn't Uncle Kracker? My life's a lie!
Miss The 90's .... The Music would surely bring a Big Bright Smile on your face : )
Iconic school bus music
this reminds me of everyone being alive.
I haven't listened to this song in a long time... and now all I can think of is Weasel from Deadpool. Great song !
You remember
Or just care about yourself while you sing this song. And hopefully no one will blow your ass away for just being a jerk. Sounds harsh , yes? But it's happened. But I'm sure you'll be fine.... everything is gonna...
Wow. You talk about suicide like he deserved it. Everyone has their reasons to want to be on this planet or not. Good or bad. Their strain or pain. Empathy. Look it up. At least try to. And maybe you might learn how the human race is SUPPOSED to work.
Good choice for my daily dose of 80s/90s....