SHINee 샤이니 'Why So Serious?' MV

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SHINee 샤이니 'Why So Serious?' MV

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SHINee 샤이니 'Why So Serious?' MV the bows they do at the end.... ICONIC
classy humble kings
Ten years and I still love them all the same and each song
Happy 10 Year Anniversary SHINee <3
I was freaked out the first time I watched this video because JH wasn't part of this MV, we didn't knew SHINee would end like this later :<
shinee fighting
E mais uma vez, a vida imita a arte 😭💔 #Jonghyun
still iconic
This MV shouldn't have been made without Jonghyun in the first place. SM should've waited for Jonghyun to recover, he is part of the group and of the song. SM is truly a cruel company, has no heart really. Now, Jonghyun is really gone forever. And I am starting to hate this video now, it's my first time watching it and it will be the last. I got really shocked Jonghyun is not in it!! 😣😣😣
Omo. It's my first time watching this MV. Where is Jonghyun?!! 😢😢😢
I cried back then because Jjong wasn't here.

its hard to deal with the fact that this is how it will be from now on...
Irene 😍
we better get used to this
lets shinee bring on top charts...when bts fan do that why not shinee shawols shinee videos and listen and see shinee new album the story of light on 28th may 2018.cmon we can do it shawols.they will release new song good evening...lets make a trend. watch it..and bring on trending..whose with me????😊 i know shinee will shine bcause they have a shinee shawols.😊😊😊😊
I know it’s sad about what happened with one of the singers last year, but just for a good laugh, baby naruto kissing guy yeah baby naruto kissing guy YEAH
Like vegetables without salt, like that shinee without jonghyun in grub, why you should leave your friends in grub and your loyal fan shawol, we miss you jonghyun, 소금이없는 채소처럼, 그 광채처럼 윤기가없는 땅콩처럼, 왜 너는 너의 친구들을 땅딸막하고 너의 충성스러운 팬 샤울에 남겨 두어야 해, 우리가 너를 그리워한다.
"shinee~" at the beginning will always make me yell dude
why only 4???
Key se ve muy lindo <3
Tenia mucho que no veía este video, solo lo vi cuando lo sacaron xD
No thanks I don't want cereal