Sia - The Greatest

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Sia - The Greatest

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Sia - The Greatest man
Beautiful song, I sometimes dislike how people say this is weird and this isn't like good music. its just pure art, and Sia's songs have very deep meanings, and each song and video are beautiful and different.
I love sia
I LOVE your sings
Definitivamente es mi cancion favorita!!
sia no es la que baila sia solamente canta pero la que esta bailando es maddie zigler.
amo esa canción la amo
Maddy is amazing
What is this dance about?
kkk 2017 que ta vendo ??
I love this song👌😜❤️💗😍
j'aime tros cette musique
Legal e gastei 😊😊😊😊😉😉😉😉😁😁😁😁
Sia is the best ever
I love this song
How the actually fuck has ed Sheehan not got copywritten yet they sound the exact same like tf? (Shape Of You)
I feel bad for the girl in the video because she's too young to realize she's being exploited. she'll realize it when she becomes a woman especially when all of the creeps come out of the woodwork. by then she'll likely see herself as having little or no worth beyond the girl wearing flesh-colored tights spackled on their body. by then sia will have no use for her but the entertainment industry will for a short season and their cameras will follow her around because she was "that kid in the sia videos". she'll be nothing more than a novelty and walk around dressing all slutty and basically being another Paris Hilton and after a while she'll have some horrid music career that's about as ridiculous and worthless as Latoya Jackson's. she'll likely end up a coke head. in and out of rehabs all messed up in the head and hating the industry and hating all men but yet whoring herself out because that's all the attention she ever got. she'll likely go all lezzy out of a phobia of the opposite sex and a need for a mother figure, as that goes, but she'll say she's born that way, as they do, but who's she kidding, she wants to believe it and she also will be wanting to get with Lady Gaga and her greasy crab infested meat flaps and more ties to coke dealers. by then, you pseudo-intellectual trend mongers will be latched onto some other artist who plays off your emotions to make money and most of you won't even know that she Amy Winehouse'd herself in a bathroom at a Motel 6 , used condoms and wine bottles and syringes and shet strewn all over the the bathroom and the bed and shet. on a happier note and hopefully she'll go a different route perhaps becoming a dance instructor for inner-city kids to keep them off the streets and off of drugs and whatnot, but all of this depends on what kind of a sugar daddy she gets I guess. Along with that she could write a best-seller that blows the lid off of all of the rats and weasels and Scallywags in the entertainment industry so that a tiny yet significant percentage of you semi intelligent but no-wisdom- having fruit cakes will actually do some real thinking for once but most of you toilets will be squealing about how ungrateful to sia that you imagine she is, partly because you're blind and partly because you'll be old and tubby and jealous and partly because your brains are all messed up from guzzling wine coolers and blubber-crying to Sia songs for so many years while telling yourself that it's because you're deep but in actuality you're an emotional basket case and shet. oh well that's just my opinion. Have a nice day and shet!
love you sia😛😘😘❤❤
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