Sia - The Greatest

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Sia - The Greatest

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Sia - The Greatest Os vídeos dela sempre me arrepiam
Yes sia
I just loved it!!!!
صوتها مثل الدواء
i liked everything in this vid but the ending just f me up.
I love you
Who's hearing this song in September 2017?
This song is... The greatest... 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😒😒😒😐
its maddie ziegler
retardedness , people on drugs , africans , and coccaine . she violated all the rules
3:38 dancing zombie apocalypse
Sia have big talent for music
One of fave songs of all times..uughh it will NEVER get of the best choreographies.. I wonder what Beyonce or JB could have done w this song..cuz I picture them doing a great choreography to this masterpiece. Congrats sia
This is my fav by her but she's really a great artist! For some reason though I feel like it was more than a tribute to the Orlando shootings.
i hate your damn 30 seconds advertising!!!
screw you vevo!!!