Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U [Official Music Video]

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Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U [Official Music Video]

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Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U [Official Music Video] She's brave
I love Sinead and always have since I met her at the then World Music Theatre. I was crazy about her and I'm still am, even to this day. When she was done performing I was out in the production crews parking lot where her bus was and I was standing by her door with other fans, when she walked by I yelled her name 'Sinead!' She stopped, turned around and looked at me for a moment, it was our moment to acknowledge each others. Thank you for that Sinead. I was born deaf and I don't understand all the words from your song but 'Nothing compare to you' really got my attention. Sinead, nothing compare to you. Thank you for the wonderful memory and I hope we meet again.
Es una versión de un temazo de Prince , esta es una de las veces que la versión supera a la original en mi opinión
And now she is a muslim!
Casey's Tweet brought me here
Dezembro de 2018 maravilhosa sinead .
Dezembro de 2018 maravilhosa sinead .
re-gaining what we lose is not always possible
I just want to dump my wife
fuck you you mosli
How old is Siend OConnor
it's 2018 n nothing compare to you....Love it!!
love this piece from a child, and my mother loved even more who has been dead for 18 years! I love you mom!
It's been over 10 years with you gone T.
I close my eyes and try to gather up the faded memories and hold on to them tight but they slip away like a fistful of sand,
your face, your voice, your touch, faded,
like a fog, always out of reach,
but the memory of your love as clear as ever,
isn't the mind a strange thing,
hope I find you again the next time around,
eternity for us but just seconds for the stars
Canta muito
Only something from God or a Sentient Benovelont Powerful Being can sing or be like her !
No one is better than Prince.....but ......
Dead Mall Series represent
Does she know that music is forbidden in islam ?