Skunk Anansie - Love Someone Else [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Skunk Anansie - Love Someone Else [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Skunk Anansie - Love Someone Else [OFFICIAL VIDEO] i like text and sound//Perfect voice //wwwonderjoy BUT video is zero!
Love someone else
Oczyma ciekawymi po drożynach gonił
Best video I watched today!?
Great song.
огонь песня
Love these guys. Still an awesome rock band that manage to not sound dated.
This is bloody brilliant. Skunk Anansie are awesome. This and Victim are my fave tracks from Anarchytecture. I'm in the process of getting all 6 albums

1. Paranoid & Sunburnt
2. Stoosh (which is the only one I own so far)
3. Post Orgasmic Chill
4. Wonderlustre
5. Black Traffic
6. Anarchytecture
Bring back guitarsssss. Tired of all those great bands making electronics poop rock.
what a fucked up story
This song on its own is better then Charlie Big Potato and slightly better then "shes my Heroine"
Its a different sound but its not POP!  

and the video is Very good! with a feeling most can relate to.....
THE best song I've heard in years!
am i the only one thinking that the good SA songs are all from the 90s?
The song is good, the clip awful, cheap stamping, not interesting, pop, boring, what for the idiot removed, without talented director, any sense, the scenario
I wish that I'd listened to this before picking up the album as I'd have known that the band has just given up. This song is horrible. It may not be worse than Victim which is the worst song on the album but it's still pretty terrible. When did Skunk Anansie become a bad pop band? Then again I think that Skin always had aspirations in this direction as her solo work was equally awful. She has a great voice but it's wasted here. They should leave terrible pop songs to the experts as they fail hard with this.
sick vocal ,fuckin love it
amazing track