Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Audio)

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Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Audio)

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Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Audio) Wow it
really touched my heart ty for a song
I was just like 😱 When I heard she sing 'When the light "
Easiest song to learn on a guitar. So beautiful
Love her voice ♡
My daughter just sent me this! Beautifully covered!
totally love her...amazing version
Her voice is out of this world!!!

Amei linda você arrasa !nessa linda voz 🎸💃😗💕
its like avril lavigne voice
عاشقتم ❤❤❤
This use to be my favorite song as a little girl. I would tell my grandpa to play it over and over for me. So hearing it from a woman’s voice especially her is so beautiful!
No the best cover ever was the Meghan Markle and Princess Harry wedding. So much heart felt and soul. Got me crying immediately when the lead singer started singing, then the choir, then watching the beautiful instructor, then the cathedral, then the newlyweds. Everything about that performance is soo beyond perfect
Do like I do stand tall and alone.....