Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Official)

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Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Official)

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Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Official) Her voice is so amazing!
Very nice cover, but Ben E. King did it better.
Kasie Brauner
Urban cowboy.
1:41am luvv it! ❤😭
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Marilyn Manson we’re my wife and kids.I’m asking because you killed god burned his money and took his prescribed drugs
love her voice ...
I love you skylar grey
I came from Noah fience
superbes chanson et chanteuse
Really bland version , has no soul.
Omg her voice is beautiful
Bu platformda ilk ve tek yorumum ve bunu hak eden her şeyiyle mükemmel varlık ; Bir ömür yalnızca bana şarkı söylesen, benimle kalsan ne olur du? ❤️
Angel. Com
the voice from heaven
Awesome. Would have been amazing if Em had dropped a verse in there, but it was awesome as it was
I absolutely love her voice. It's very pure.. She's really a lovely singer.