Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Official)

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Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Official)

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Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Official) Such a beautiful voice😍😍
How do you define beautiful? See above.
Great rendition!
I will stand by you Jo the rest of my life!
Skylar is one of the greatest underrated artist
Why is she so underrated? I see why Eminem has her featured in some of his songs.

Angelic voice....
Her voice is beautiful, makes me feel so calm
Who came here from final fantasy VX?
Y do I feel like crying listening to this 🎵
кайф песня😍😍😍😍
Lho kok malah minuman
love it.
She is so underrated.
I just closed my eyes. Listen to her voice. Felt my heartbeat become more calm :)
this should last longer :(
Great song runs deep...