Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Official)

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Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Official)

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Skylar Grey - Stand By Me (Official) Amoooo 🇧🇷
But it feels better in Nescafe ad😂😂
Nescafe ad bought me here
One of the best songwriters Skylar Grey it's amazing with her melody and harmony voice incredible how she can be so Flawless😍👏
Big Skylar fan, but hate this. I'm like, not another cover of this song , this song has been flogged to death. l prefer the original or Lennon's version.
Que bien cantas Skylar..Preciosa!!! Quiero ser tu marido , novio o animal de compañía!!!!
actually the song and her voice was awful
Skylar should make a song with halsey <3 it will be amaaaziiing
Stand by me come on babe stand by me oh yeah
what do u do... when reach that point... when you no longer can stand on your own...?
Siempre me gustó x el original...Ben E King,pero cuando escuché esta versión femenina,me encantó.❤
love from germany
Special song
Beautiful! Thanks!
I like this song!! This video reminds me of hurricane Harvey when me and my family was in the flood waters. Texas Strong!!!
Looks a like joni mitchell,, beautiful voice, i got goosebumps... 😄
Beautiful song✓
I wish you were with me
Nescafy gold ad brings me here😀😙😙😙😙😙