Skylar Stecker - Rooftop

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Skylar Stecker - Rooftop

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Skylar Stecker - Rooftop She looks like Danielle Bregoli.
No thank you for all your song you made and you are so pretty👍🏼😋
You pretty
Love you 😇😍😘😙😗😚
You go girl
Remember her singing with matty b raps
2018 anyone?
Oml I was just randomly thinking About how pretty the name skylar was and I was like omg what was that song from Disney channel now I’m here😂
Bruhh she looks like that catch me outside girl lol
I like your songs and did you know that I am going to be a singer💞💕👍
Amo esta canción
I'm watching bad hair day right now
Love you skylar you are prfekt
reminds me of old queen b
In crazy beautiful you look 19or 20 but in this one you look 14 o15
Where does she get her clothes from!?
You you k doing And