Skylar Stecker - Rooftop

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Skylar Stecker - Rooftop

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Skylar Stecker - Rooftop I've been around music long enough to believe that she is headed some where and is probably already signed and if not should be
Skylar you are my favorite...
I want to be like you some day.
i like you
thanks and regards David and I will be able to get a chance of getting it to be a good day to you soon and will be able
If I make a party like this I would invite more boys than girls cause I don't know why they're so annoying ( my friends ) so yeah I'm a girl btw
She's 13 and she looks like 16 hollllyyyyy
Like for skylar
i love this song
I love you Gris
funny born
funny By book
I was in grade 3 listening to this and now I’m grade 7
you want to be my friend you are tou bautiful i love your videos too
Where are you from??
I love that song
i love her voice
I'm a fan of you love your song rooftop it's my favorite song 😁🤗😜🤑😋😉😊😀