Skylar Stecker - Rooftop

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Skylar Stecker - Rooftop

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Skylar Stecker - Rooftop omg she sings so good but she is so ugly
This was my jam 2 years ago
Omg.. this is the girl the one who is behind most of the unknown songs on movies!
guys are losers'
this song is amazing😂
wow skyler forgot her friend matty b
love it
she has a huge ass
This looks like fun times I used to have with my friends in like 2010
I remember when Radio Disney first featured this I kept making fun of it 😂😭
does anybody notis this song is from bad hair day
Skylar is so hot
Your ugly I thought at least you'd have good eyebrows not penciled
i wont that boy
love it so much
Skyler:we always keep it 💯
me:yeah you never go 50
mom:who doesn't go 50???
me:uhm.....nothing mom.i just um said it
mom:oh ok
anyone who read this:lmao, lol, omg😂😂😂😂😂😂
She looks like Danielle Bregoli or whatever her last name is
I remember when I woke up and thought i was still dreaming cuz i heard this song playing on disney channel i was like am i still dreaming ive never heard dis song XD Lol
she looks like the cash me outside girl