Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice (Official Video) (VOD)

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Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice (Official Video) (VOD)

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Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice (Official Video) (VOD) Какие же они молодые! Какие красивые! Как хотелось их увидеть тогда....
when music was music....back in the day : )
지금 57살 아직두듣고있어요
Everything is filled with love
Old are Gold
25.9. 2018 in 09:07
내가ㄴ 좋아하는 스모키의 노래
I have always loved this song and now Iam in my 59th year I love it even more
This song and "Stumblin In" with Suzy Quatro are still two of my favourite songs.
September 25 2018 stay listening
What a wonderful song, what a wonderful time! Thank you so much Smokie out of Bavaria, Germany, we all have enjoyed this song so much, may God always bless you and Best out of the Oberpfalz, Germany!
I love this music, so so good
Now Alice is a great great great-grand mother...and this guy is still afraid of Alice... Man up..!!! U can't pull the chicken forever....!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Wiecznie żywa.
Who the fkc is Alice?
my love
Quando eu penso que já ouvi todas as belas músicas da vida....smokie vem e me surpreende com essa música linda!!
That's a song from my childhood! Rip mommy n' daddy!