SNAP! - The Power (HD 16:9)

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SNAP! - The Power (HD 16:9)

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SNAP! - The Power (HD 16:9) I felt this song when I started on my offgrid solar system.
It's 2018 People! YOU GOT THE POWER!

And let's pray for the True God for wisdom to protect our millenial generation which the government will not do against wicked influences. The ones who have experienced the good care from our good old days are those who can share the spirit rich and pure for the ones nowadays who are in Big spiritual need! God Bless All of You!
Skate ring classic miss the 90's. Listening in 2018 just as g oo d
الجاي من مستر باشن😍 لايك
الجاي من مستر باشن😍 لايك
In 2018...I've got the Power..
Missing such awesome songs today... i mean in this time...
Yeah! Smash! 💪
Frankfurt Music Legendary
2018k still banging out this BANGER!
2018 anyone? ?🙌
Snap had nothing to do with this, it was me that escaped communist resin , and belong to Solidarity of Europe , i've told them don't touch , but nobody would listen ... Being at right time at right place and untouchable - right ??
The bass in this song is freaking badaaaaaasssssss
Great work out song
Back when we danced in the clubs.
My Cousin Chill Rob G shit is better Rep 201
I get the power 4ever❤😎🎅😉
New jack city!