Spice Girls - Viva Forever Live HD

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever Live HD

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever Live HD nossa!!!que obra prima,simplesmente maravilhosas.algum brasileiro curtindo?
Uma bela composição, ritmo, melodia dessas meninas que marcaram na década de 90. Fico impressionado com o grave da Mel B. De tudo, as meninas deram show.
Mel C best singer in my opinion. Posh the worst .
Вот скажи мне американец, в чём сила? Вы- куча говна. Много думаете о себе. Какого хера вы лезете туда, куда не надо? Вас научил Клинтон ёбаный контролировать весь мир. Но наши Русские ракеты намного страшнее ваших. Одна ракета, и пиздец вашей вонючей америке. Подохните задыхаясь.
Essa música e muito lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................
"Spice Girls Forever!"
Eu: Pqp, morri
Mel C & Mel B no final
Whyyyyyyyyyyyy did the spice girls break up nooooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Wonderful song.......Mr. Rufjii
Gives me so.much memories
Sporty Spice looking hot! I know, she also has a great voice... but... DAMN!! And her smile is so infectious...
missig thse times.. :(
Victoria sings pulling air inside 2:41 XDXDXDXD but the song is very beautiful
2018 anyone?
I love this song. It always makes me cry. I have all of The Spice Girls albums and singles. I also have this concert Live At Wemberley Stadium on DVD. I have another one of their live concerts on DVD . I also have their movie Spice World on DVD. When Mel C sings Spice Girls Forever I cry always. I love it when Mel B and Mel C sing the last part of Viva Forever and hug each other at the end. I love The Spice Girls always and forever. Girl Power Forever Spice Girls Forever. Also when I was little I always had pigtails/bunches in my hair like Emma/Baby Spice when I was little. And if they did new songs I would buy their new singles and albums and they are bringing out more merch you can also get them at their new concerts tour this year and I will be buying them since my other Spice Girls merch have gone. And they are doing a tour of the UK and the US this year. Me and my friend are hopefully are going to see The Spice Girls this year in the UK fingers crossed. I had posters of The Spice Girls all over my bedroom wall when I was little they all should still be up there but my Nanna won't let me have them up and I hope they do a Spice World 2 Movie that would be so cool. GIRL POWER ALWAYS AND FOREVER
La cancion mas bonita de las Spice Girls
super music
Quero ver hoje em dia um grupo como esse .
😔😔😔😔 old years