Spice Girls - Viva Forever

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever Kimse türkçe yazmamis
I used to see this on tiny pop channel.
лю ебёт в жопу це ебёт в жопу и в рот фер ебёт в рот
Always be mine😘😘😘
I'm still here...
Melanie C foreverrrr
I love viva forever
hasta manana????????
English Teacher👍like this
this song is a masterpiece. Definitly my fav of the Spice Girls!
Who was listening in 1990?
School song
My take on this amazing video is this and sorry about my english it not first language:
The Rubik's Cube, represents life. It's beautiful and colorful, and at first its so orderly and neat but as it progresses and start to twist and turn it becomes more and more complicated.
As we grow from childhood to adulthood we all go through stages and we, as well as other people in our life, inevitably change.
Childhood friends often drift apart because life takes us in different directions, and old friends are sometimes replaced by new ones, not because of some kind of animosity or anything like that, it's just that each one ends up doing their own thing. Eventually we find a significant other like a boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancee, that's just how life works and it is inevitable. When the boy enters the rubiks cube, he enters the next phase in life which is adolescence or early adulthood. He has less time or interest in playing in the woods as he now starts seeking new things in life. The friend left behind doesn't want things to stop being the way they are and tries to solve the cube and get his best friend back, but he can't. Eventually he realizes this and with a heavy heart returns his friend to the toy machine, with the classic meaning of when you care about someone you have to let them go. He let's his friend go so that another person will have the chance of "winning" that friend to be the next best thing in their life.
This is a beautiful video and an even more beautiful song, it's hard not tear up when you hear the melody and lyrics and it's not something I can say about many other songs. The best Spice Girls song for me.
Essa é melhor música delas.
I never understood why they didn't just film an actual video featuring the group instead of this puppet rubbish. Geri didn't even get a solo in this song so it would've been fine. It's a cute video but it could've been better...
Who's listening in 1998?
20 years old song:) and it still one of the best songs ever)
And traumatised, that kid grew up to start a band called Porcupine Tree.
I love this song
I've got to admit I hate the Spice Girls but I love this song and the music video was cool. Nice job. 👍