Spice Girls - Viva Forever

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever Beautiful song never forget
Love this song.
September 2017?
I love this song
Best ever video
One of the first songs I learnt how to play on guitar and about the only song I know how to play lol. Oh no and lutricia McNeil ain't that just the way
I m listening.....is there any one else ?
Like and share viva forever
Who's listen in September 2017 ?
one of my best music <3
Amo essa musica
I never get the story in this video. Can somebody explain?
The message of the video is the memory of lost friends / lovers from youth that helped shape and or affect your life and not knowing why you lost them or how to find them but waiting for the moment you see them again . It's beautiful but also kind of sad. This is my favourite song of all time ever and it was released on my 4th birthday :) was convinced the spice girls released it for me as a birthday present haha , the video also tricked me into think Geri was still there :(
Spice girls √
Geri was and still my favourite Spice! 😍 She really had the girl power! 💪👊 #gingerspice 😜
Muito legal essa música.😘😘😘
always be mine,fiva forever 😂😂