Spice Girls - Viva Forever

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever 27/05/2018
Finally i found this song 😭😭
I had hated Spice Girls till I saw this.
эх... волшебная песня моего детства! тогда я был ровесником этих парнишек! :(_

the magic song of my childhood! then I was the same age as these boys
2018 love it
Why I'm still here in 2018
I truly love how Melanie C's voice gently dominates this song.
One of the greatest songs ever written by the Spice Girls.....in one of the most WTF music videos ever made
love this song it makes me cry like always ✌😘
They abducted that dude?.. Oh my!!
I love this song it’s cool and spice girls are awsome 😀🤯
My sister song,her listen this every morning before going work,hmm...
Spice Girl fairies! Kill them, kill them with fire!!!!!
2018 ANYONE?
Há 21 anos atras essa música era um sucesso, eu tinha 10 anos me lembro dela na MTV Brasil passar varias vezes como é bom relembrar nossa infância.
the most emotional song in my life :(
The very last video in VIVA UK before MTV OMG!
Ah. Time flies so fast. Love from Indonesia 💕💚💚💝