Spice Girls - Viva Forever

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever It bring tears to my eyes everytime i watch this video or listen this song! Bring back so much good memories
they were quite a good group for the times. Didnt feel the need to dress slutty and provided a good role model for young kids.

Still on top
Terrible clip, see the symbology, living forever in the cube full with colors. Jesus is white, lucifer is the colored one.
0:23 oh un oeuf kinder géant lol
make me cry
I was in the hospital for a month. Would hear this song in the evening on the radio. Found it very comforting.
90s.. BSB, SG, NSYNC, VB, MJ... Life was beautiful!
Para todas las niñas q ya no están q un día desaparecieron sin querer 🦋🦋🦋🦋
я взрослый мужик, 30 лет от роду, плачу когда выпимши пересматриваю этот клип, это лучшее на что могли способны мэтры короткого метра, и группа была действительно крута, те, кто в детстве смотрел воинов света, меня поймут...
People mustn't forget their past good times lived in innocence as a community of relatives and friends. Sure, relatives become estranged and friends become foes, life turns miserable and everyone's personality becomes warped, and some have passed away from this, but still, one mustn't give up because it would become a self-reinforcing dead painful end for everyone. A lesson could be to explore and enjoy shared interests instead of a preoccupation with one's own, which is easily said than done because of our deep-rooted conditionings, but it can be done like how a puppy is trained: the adult within us has to regulate the child within by being sensitive to what is welcomed by others. What is vital is to not give up on enjoyments due to depression, guilt, scriptural misinterpretation, traps laid by negative energy-depleting attitude etc. There are many reasons to live but everyone will agree that all of them makes one happy, which is the subtlest welcome sensation that cannot result without a physical input. Internet must be kept clean and enjoyed -- I still remember the earliest years of the internet which was an entrance into a wonderful fantasy land and the great people I met later online. Enjoy (with responsibility)!
being a 90's kid i'll never forget wish i could turn bk time listenng to this song makes me sad
Happy 19th birthday Viva Forever! <3
buona notte amore mio ameba ameba ameba ameba
Simply put, this song is devastatingly beautiful. Beautiful, yet so haunting.
19/7/2017 !
Like si escuchas esto en el 2017
Arsehole man your nerrrr alwayssss be mineeee ❤️❤️❤️