Spice Girls - Viva Forever (Official Music Video)

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever (Official Music Video)

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Spice Girls - Viva Forever (Official Music Video) Amo vocês ❤❤❤❤❤
February 2019 of love ...who is here to remember.
ruby how old are you ???? next 2019
My favourite spice girls song by far
Such a great song
Excellent spice girls
Keeping ... Sing
....i had no idea they made a music video for this song.

It's awful.
2019 and this song still sounds sad
2019 Este tema estuvo en los tiempos en que aún estaba con vida mi mejor Amigo y de la nada me avisan que falleció, lucho contra un cáncer y valientemente no quiso contarlo, no quería vernos sufrir, Aunque su silencio me costo años entenderlo.. Solo sé que el me salvo, hizo tanto por mi y se marchó.. Hoy me apareció este tema y creo que llore todo lo que he guardado por años.. Te extraño Amigo ❤️
Absolutely one of the most beautiful songs of all time...haters be damned ..... ;-)
Tremendo tema ctm
10 years challenge 2019
Any one?
2020 anyone?
There last song together :(
Whos in 2019-2030? 😍

I was born in 2009
Me in 2019
2019 anyone??
I don't know how much I have watched this video in the last six years , but I came here more than I wished . My young brother and I used to listen to it on a daily basis , I think it's the only english song he could sing perfectly. I had to travel for health issues and haven't seen him since then . A few days ago , he sent me a voice message asking if I was still remembering the song , he was around 9 when we heard that song for the very first time ,and now he is 15 . I sent him back a voice note singing the song . He kept crying and telling how much he misses me . I could'nt believe that he still remembers the song . I really thought that in the course of time he would forget all of our songs , you know , the songs we used to listen to all day long ( GOD knows how much I have prayed for him to not forget me , to not forget how close we were) . But not one of them he forgot ... Anyways ! I think such song is just unforgetable because it has on it a memory that you cling to , a person's face that you don't want to forget , a feeling that you miss and yet still gives you joy as if it was yesterday . I am here again because those so little things , like a melody , can remind how special you are to someone and how special that person is to you . Anyways! Thank you :)