Strawberry Fields Forever - Restored HD Video

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Strawberry Fields Forever - Restored HD Video

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Strawberry Fields Forever - Restored HD Video Excelentemente rola
Hippies happies
John: No one think is in my tree, NANI!
Reminds of The Beach Boys song I just wasn’t made for these times
Man whoever's running this channel needs to get a raise!!
What does he say at the end " I buried Paul " ???
Kinda sounds like The Beach Boy's I Just Wasnt Made For These Times
This song makes me sad, I wish the Beatles were all still together and could always make people happy with their songs
What’s awesome about this song is how they used different takes to create the song. This is when the drums come in John’s vioce sounds wierd.
I wish I born in the 60’s😔
Nada es real, FAUL, NO ES REAL, nada fué real desde que suplantaron a paul¡¡
puto el que lo lea
Certainly one of my favorite Beatles songs. Funny how some like to make new clips look retro in an artificial way, while this restored videoclip from the 60s looks like it was made yesterday. "Nothing is real" indeed.
Their best song ever
Melanie Martinez
Play at 0.75x
I just love them ❤️
only 1:22??
singamajig fanmade ringo starr : strawberry song