Strawberry Fields Forever - Restored HD Video

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Strawberry Fields Forever - Restored HD Video

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Strawberry Fields Forever - Restored HD Video Es magia pura.
Nothing is reeaal... Nothing to get hung aboout... Strawberry Fields Forever...!
this song its like 50 years old, and don't listen to it backwards because it will make you childhood bad.....but rip John and gorege.
Way before MTV there was BTV..........
0:54 HAHAHAHAHAHHA Omg! HIS WALk! gaaa! im dead! oooooh thats great.
Listen to them is my drug
Strawberry Fields > Wakanda
tits are temporary, but strawberry fields forever
LITTLE KNOWN FACT ... Hours after this song was recorded, Paul McCartney's ass fell off. At first the doctors couldn't figure out why, then one of them said, "Maybe it's the strawberries," and ate some. Nothing happened.

Then Ringo tried some and HIS ass fell off.

For quite a while Paul and Ringo had United Fruit boxes back there and shit pears. But after a while their respective asses grew back and the pants they were wearing stopped sliding off.

All over some lousy strawberries. Ain't that a bitch -- I mean, it's always something, right?

Your pal,


P.S. Everything in this post is true and there is no alcohol in my body.
Sounds like Pink Floyd.
Greatest song ever
I love Paul can just easily jump in a tree
Oh my god Paul is so high!
Reminds me of a recent acid trip
Wait... I think someone is is my damn tree. Is it that fool on that hill?
"Nothing is real" - close-up of Paul's face. Another clue that the real Paul died and was replaced.
walking backwards at beginning
Strawberry Flavored Malt Liquor!!!
over saturated......denoised far too much...this restoration has much to apologize for
And to think that by the time I hit 64, I will be able to say this was made about 100 years ago. DAMN.