Sub Focus - Turn Back Time

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Sub Focus - Turn Back Time

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Sub Focus - Turn Back Time i thought i was the only one who fucking loves the song but thinks the drop ruin the song a little bit, not just because its not as good as the song itself but because the song makes you think about moments and imagine things and the drop doesnt ahaha
sad what type of music sub focus is producin now..used to be one of my favorite dnb dj´s
cant believe how stupid i must be not to earn a huge amount of monez just sampling old songs with old titles with a women in the hook....that drop is the shittiest drop of all drops
Absolute belter of a Summers #tune in my eyes that is showing my more confidence that ever in my single life since I workout regularly too 😉 turn it up loud!
Banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥
and again...
goodbye dnb
hi mainstream
The build up it's so great, but the drop.. Oh God, why?
Listen to the steerner bootleg version of this song nasty fucking drop
I wouldn't say the drop was bad... But it was weird and unexpected lol
NOOOOO that drop is shitty.....I'm going to remix it now
When this plays in my car i want to race👍😎
Drop is elite 👌💃💃💃
yo yo yo yo 2018👌🏻🎈🍀😼
It’s all fantastic 🤩🤩
I like everything about this song, even the drop. If you don't like the drop, just turn it up then all is good. Seriously, I wish I could turn back time so I can erase some of my past mistakes.
clip nothing to do with music
Love/hate season 5 episode 1 brought me here 👍🏻