Sub Focus - Turn Back Time

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Sub Focus - Turn Back Time

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Sub Focus - Turn Back Time The drop makes me laugh every time. It's just not at all what you expect after such an epic tropical house build up.
Ohhhhh I just hate being without youuuuu !!!!
absolute bannger
Hahaha I remember this, like with Nero - Crush On You for me with the drop. Everyone seems to hate on both drops for their obnoxious noise but damn I loved both since day one and still do. Turn it the fuck up and ave it large!!!
me encanta , genial.
Reminds me of me and my daughter's on a night out very drunk danceing to this happy times 🤣😜😉😁😁😁😁😍👍
I love it it’s sick yea bro yayayaya
Why does everyone hate the bass drop so much
OHHH I just hate being without YOU it’s just another thing to BREAK threw !
Let me tell you I feel so sorry for you because you are nasty evil bastards,twisted and sick and I feel sorry for you when one day you will pay for the sick things you do
2020 anyone?
fantastic song
Can someone remix the drop so we can imagine that in this video :)
00:37. Why was the driver door open when she was sitting in the backseat????
I don't know what song the rest of you are listening too, but that drop is sick!!! Best part of the song
(2:04) if anybody wants to skip the drop😁