Sub Focus - Turn Back Time

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Sub Focus - Turn Back Time

Odsłon: 8995074 | Ocena: 47027 | Czas: 3m 58s |



Sub Focus - Turn Back Time If u with give me like omg
When the bass comes the whole world shakes (earthquake happens) OMG a earthquake has erupted
Drop is the best part
omg the begining music?? - what they call it?
wtf that drop doesnt fit whatsoever
The drop was disappointing but I liked the rest of the song
A lot of people like this song is so crazy for boys and girls
This is the best songs for girlfriend and boyfriend cute couple
I wish I could turn back time then I wouldn't have heard this tripe. What a horrible noise.
Okay got to admit, through bass headphones or a bass speaker, the drop is actually really good, through flat speakers it sounds shit
Srsly?This is sub focus?More like some disco shit David Guetta, wtats wrong with world?!
y un in america but drive on the left
The drop definitely grew on me for this song! Just gotta listen a little closer for all the cool little bits!
enero 2018
2018 ?
Top tune best beat ever
Ciao from Italy. Nice song!! 👍👍
How this hasn't more view?
excellent vibes over this track !
This is hypnotic song!thanks