System Of A Down - Aerials

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System Of A Down - Aerials

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System Of A Down - Aerials Mi impresiona la cantidad de visitas de este poderosa banda, que remates de sus temas
Cade os BR
R.I.P xin this video comment section? No? Okay 😢
Anyone listening in 2038?
I love the song
Foda ✓
Who is easy guy with the fucke d up eyes
I like this song
Dr. Strange, anyone?
26 000 haters !!!???!?
No offense but did they use a real kid looking like that in there because he looks like he has deformities
Lo mejor
26k unlike people are crazy
Fez parte da minha juventude !
El niño que parece marciano me da un chingo de miedo jajaja
omg its an alien
damn i am 34 now
This song is a anthem!