System Of A Down - Aerials

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System Of A Down - Aerials

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System Of A Down - Aerials They're best
Im new to this song and i absolutely love it!! Where can i find other songs with similar electrical guitar sounds? Help
I just realized, this video is about lil pump, or lil pimp...
i am named after this lol
Their songs are out of this world
I heard System Of A Down a lot when I was a tiny human being, I'm 14 now and this is a band I just can't forget
soy lo suficientemente sordo como para no saber si la intro es con guitarra o bajo...
more like "chemtrails " in the sky... :-[
I swear, some Asians just simply look like Aliens.
Fiv5 gameplay kkkkkkkkkkkkk procurem lá
Only a wise man can deduce what these lyrics and video suggest.
Love this song!!!🤘🤘🤘☝️
probably the best song and video to come out of the "noughties"...
Me da miedooooo 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
life is a waterfall
When be sings the part "put up our walls" I cant help but hear trumps voice saying that
easily one of the most slept on male vocalists out there.