System Of A Down - Aerials

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System Of A Down - Aerials

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System Of A Down - Aerials I Love S.O.A.D 😍🎸🎤🎼❤
Влюбился в эту песню. Клип снят на отлично
Absolutely amazing
La amo❤️🔥
Really good song but why does it look like the kid is trying out the new snapchat filters
When you free your eyes eternal prize.
the child is an alien 👽 and they live among us 🌐
I seen this kid recently.
IN Arabic ...نحن نحلق دائما مع System وحتى سنة 2099... سأبقى دوما أحلق عندما أسمع System of a down
... What da FUCK
Ale mbie wkurwia ten dzieciak
2018 👋
esse é o tipo de rock que eu gosto não é muito pesado mas é equilibrado (e quando não é nem muito pesado nem muito baixo)
จบเหอะ เล็บตีนproblem
I want to dies it too