Tarrus Riley - She's Royal

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Tarrus Riley - She's Royal

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Tarrus Riley - She's Royal I know da King & Queen Crown same time...Big up my ladies worldwide...Jah Rastafari Selassie I....
mad tune i can pull it all day long
u have amazing voice.reggea is my life.
this song is cool
i enjoy the song
Love it
love this song
The boat we went parasailing on was blasting this through the speakers.
what its a 2007 song 10 years down the line its when i start listening and am inlove with the song
Kimberly Always Be My Queen.
A magical song all the way keep it up
this song never goes out of style
This is reggae music I love lovers rock.
this song is evergreen
one word #thankyou Taurus the messenger !!
2017 and still going strong
fiya tunes
its gonna be my wedding song, will be repeated over and over again,still looking for the natural beauty, the special and royal queen that doesn't need any make up at all