Tarrus Riley - She's Royal

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Tarrus Riley - She's Royal

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Tarrus Riley - She's Royal Whos here in 2017
my gal is very loyal...........respect to yuh mr.Riley
Reggae Weed Somk Michael xxxxxx
The best
Cloreen McLean
Cloreen Millington
Ann McLean
Es para mi Vida Erica moya que LA amo
love it
Nice track she is a queen
natural beaty yanah
Dedicating to all natural women out there love you all
The most beautiful love song I've ever come across making me love my naturally pretty girl Jemima Ama Kraba Yankson the more. Indeed you're a great musician and would want you to sing this lovely song at our wedding .
tarrus di man white but deffo a reggae reggae man
Such a beautiful song!!
My mom was a queen so royal
Taurus the best
This jam rules!!!
This came over my Ekolu Pandora station and I can't get it out of my head... radical!
wow nic