Tarrus Riley - She's Royal

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Tarrus Riley - She's Royal

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Tarrus Riley - She's Royal Whit is Watching in 2017 ?
2017 June 20th... yes I
2017 still mean!!!
Great Reggae stuff all the time in life, ageless forever.
This song is balase....my baby wash my cloth...balase....
Every 'lady' is royal just that it takes the right prince to see it in her eyes(door to her soul).
you 😂😂
I am kenyan but I absolutely love Jamaica 🇯🇲, love reggae music. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️.
I am so proud to be black and I won't change it to anything❤️❤️
This song is a perfect tribute to All women. thanks Tarrus Riley. love your lyrics
How can dislike this song? Shame
A woman who trusts that she is beautiful without make up,is always the most beautiful and Royal.Flowers need no makeup to be beautiful.
my hamster funeral song
Roman vegar
love it
Hello name Michaeldj reggae
vixi pai e bom
i love dis song
Much love to all of our kings out there ....
avis aux amateurs dieu vous aimes de tous son coeur et cela pour toujour