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I love this song cuz it's true no matter how many times that the hospital try to revive u, it won't happen cause everyone has a checkout day in this world.
Man, I really love Zayn, but what a fucking sell out...:/ So disappointed.
Say what you will about the Fifty Shades series; they know their music
Just because you put the word "official" in the title does not make it official
Taylor's voice 😍😍😍
I will become mortal for this song
This is an amv of black butler plz watch of this music and enjoy I don't wanna live forever😜
Sailor Venus
I haven't herd this song in forever
I love this song 💖
Zayns notes are higher than my grades
ok, does Taylor say "Mujhe nahi pata" in the song (Urdu sentence for "I don't know")? I swear, I hear that statement, but no one believes me!
this song was so good I saw the movie and that was good too
why is it taylor swift ft. zayn? it should be zayn ft. taylor swift lol
no one sings like giroud
trash movie but nice collab
before my friend tried committing suicide she put this song on her instagram and whenever I listen to it I get emotional.. she survived though and now I have moved about 100 miles away from her and now It will be a while until I see her again