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Taylor Swift - Style

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Taylor Swift - Style For those 123K your not in style
wayy me and Dominic have the same eye
обожаю песни Тейлор Свифт.
а этот клип шедевр.
1.The song title
2.The Necklace ( omg)
3. Lyrics like the long hair, the white shirt...blah blah
Okay folks this song is for Harry Styles!
That moment you know, it's about Harry Styles
omg his eyes😍
Who here 2017?😣
ilove you taylor swift
she is always awesome
500M views! Here we come!
Can someone explain why, of all of Taylor's singles from 1989, this one is the least popular? Because, by far, it is the best. No competition. This is the most real, honest look into the relationships of Taylor Swift. Combine that with how amazing the music is, not just at being catchy, but setting the tone. This is arguably the best song Swift has ever written.
All I wanna know is Dom Sherwood's skin care routine.
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0:01: "hi, harry!"
"She's has been gone, my love 😍, now, you supposedly to be happy 😊, my dear sweetheart. All of his things have been sacrificed just for yourself, my dear friend. You're should have appreciated that. Don't just be forgets about it to. Hmm, what we was supposed to do with her feelings is it? It's shouldn't be a good one person here by through basic one. Nothing impossible on this world 🌍. Embrace yourself. We are the one here at Mawr roads. Huhuhu, hmm..., "
i love you layor
Shes obviously talking about Harry styles because first the song is called style, Hayes last name. and in the lyrics she says 'you've got the slicked black hair and white t shirt' and to be perfectly honest Harry does where a white t-shirt a lot
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