Tenacious D - Tribute

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Tenacious D - Tribute

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Tenacious D - Tribute The woman at the end be like, "I'll get you my prettie's, and your devil puck too!"
I had no idea the Devil was Dave Grohl until now.
This is music at its best.......fuck yeah
I had to keep going back to 4:02 to check that it actually is Ben Stiller that pushes back them! Awesome spot for anyone else that noticed! :D
my fav part...........................nah we are but men rock AHFKXBSHSVDJSJSHSJDB
Boy, that scat bridge was so badass
Jack black says it's not meant to be taken seriously but the craftsmanship of the song says other wise
I thought that Beelzeboss should not come to this wolrd until he's complete again
4:43 This shit scared me back in the day...
is that shiny demon a certain david grohl
2:44 dat high long note doe XD
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Uses the same chords as Stairway To Heaven. I think its safe to say that jimmy page is actually satan, and stole their song.
back in 2003 when I was 3 the devil scared the shit out of me and I did not know anything about tenacious d or dave grohl. used to have nightmares of the demon.
Is that Jack Black?
I was at a Black Stone Cherry concert a couple months back, and during the break after the acoustic set this song came on, Everyone and i mean everyone (including me) sang every single moment. you should have seen the faces of the stage crew when we all went "AHHHHHHHHH" greatest song in the world
u only understand it if u have watched the film
3:24 that facexDD
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