Tenacious D - Tribute

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Tenacious D - Tribute

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Tenacious D - Tribute 3:28 3:28 3:28 3:28 3:28
who else got here by searching best song in the world
this is the best song in the universe ..... jk just a tribute
To this day, that old womans laugh and her eyes scare the faecal matter out of me.
This is sooo funny aaaannddd nice of course.......😂😂😂
This really is the best song in the world
I think you're mistaken Jack. This IS the best song in the world.
This is the best FUCKING thing ive heard
it says it on the door. it's official studio.
how can people downvote this song? it is the greates song in the world!!!
2+1=3 Quick maffs
The Black knights of god rock harder then the devil on month of pride
2:40 GOD REACHED MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy sh*t play 3:26 in slo mo HAHAHAHAHA
10000 dislikes? bugger off ya cunt
this is what came up when i searched 'best song ever' on google
unsolved mystery: where is the drummer in the studio? how did he fit?
Kyle has magnificent calves lmfao
The Illuminati is real this song is evidence