Terror Jr - Truth (ft. Kylie Jenner & Tyga)

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Terror Jr - Truth (ft. Kylie Jenner & Tyga)

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Terror Jr - Truth (ft. Kylie Jenner & Tyga) Your face's enough autocorrect kylie, no need for the autotune..
Kylie is not the singer but Kylie’s just in their videos
Só queria essa barriga
I have a goosebumps 😍, i think ist beautiful video and music
Esta canción me encanta y el video wow que los lindos se ven lastima que terminaron
Why ya all hate Kylie Jenner I don't understand she all do the things to make you love her she doo plastic surgery using her money not your all money and she want to be lookin good for you guys everybody deserve to be happy and free but you guys always hate someone she even didont doo bad things to you did she? Instead of hating someone why don't you step outside of your door and see the worlds been going on or maybe give some food for homeless be people spent time with your love ones we should be happy stop bullies someone stop hating someone without a reason that's all I can say ..... Happy new year 2018
wow so sexy love u tyga
Does she actally smoke? Werid..anyways who loves kylie?
Ok so you are wearing clothes in the shower and naked out of the shower oh ok
Me encanta
Everyone is either hating or writing a whole paragraph to leave her alone.
i like her
I would love to fvck her so much
Anybody will listen in 2018
2017 anybody
it sounds like her fcking voicee
Your hot...
Omg I hate this video