The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun Mafia III Trailer 3 Casino !!!

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The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun Mafia III Trailer 3 Casino !!!

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The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun Mafia III Trailer 3 Casino !!! Nice song 😆😆
Eu sou corno e adoro isso meus manos, adoro quando metem gostoso na minha esposa safada
nice job young Mr. Spock!
Casino - the best film!
At ten I heard this tune on 1960's radio. I often asked my Mother "Where is New Orleans?" I wanted to go to such a place maybe mostly out of curiosity; or perhaps because it just seemed to beckon to me. My Mom would tell me there was no reason to go to the 'City that care forgot' as she called it but which intrigued me all the more, to go there. I had heard about Mardi gras by the time I had graduated from high school, and so it was a little over ten years after hearing this song before I would go to the 'The Big Easy' as New Orleans also became known in the 1970's.

On a trip from Florida to visit my brother in Texas I took a side stop, and got off of the Greyhound bus alone in New Orleans one winter day. It was almost Mari gras and I could feel the anticipation of it all around me. I discovered the city and of course the vieux cairre. I walked and mingled with the people on Bourbon St, was mesmerized by the lights, and heard the hypnotizing rhythm of the music blaring into the streets. It is where I met and danced with Manny, and never danced that way again.

I never found the "house of the rising sun" but I believed I knew where it was. My story is probably just like thousands of other guys who came to discover the magic and mystique of a unique American city. When I was able to leave New Orleans, I did so but not easily, and not as whole as when I came. I couldn't help feel to myself that I may be leaving prematurely; that there was yet more to discover. I learned a lot about myself during those days however, and L learned how love can barely and softly whisper it's name to you but once, and how it can haunt you unmercifully for a lifetime.
Is it true that this song was made in the 13th century?
Without people brave enough to bring their lyrics and instrumentals together as one. With out, I'd personally still be in search of "that"void for which I had NOT found. Thanks to all Artists in all faders, dreaming is where they dare! Peaceful journey. Dp
How do you know this was going to be in Mafia 3 in 2010 lol
My brother that died in 1975 played this on his guitar and sang in. It was played on guitar and sang by one of his friends at his funeral. I was 11 years old then, I'm 54 now and still listening
Why after so many years do I still love this sad song, it's their performance that engages me. In a sense, do we all relate to the house of the rising sun.
Love it, I was 16 (now 64 IN 2018) so its actually something I remember seeing originally, funny thing, it looks the same....
Una obra de arte....
Lets take a moment to thank the guy who posted the vid, he did alot for the quality of the song
some voice...
so profound, oh dear, nothing can be said. makes me want to weep. 'the' track that started it all.
June 2018, anyone?
great original but b t o 's cover of this is simply amazing to point of better hands down
You should....

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Listen to it every day.

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