The Colors - Inside CHANEL

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The Colors - Inside CHANEL

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The Colors - Inside CHANEL I cry with passion, rage and walk out with confidence when I see this video. I follow all her advices. Its timeless and incredible just the 2.5.5 and the chanel suit and No.5.
I never cry publicly after reading her biography, instead apply my red lipstick. Its better when you keep your heels head and standards high!
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This Video is speaking on behalf Colors
"Men hate women who weep?" Yeah and women are not going to hide their emotions in order to be liked by men, if a man can't handle me expressing natural emotions then I'll find a new man, NEXT !
It was perfect right before saying men hate women who weep 😐 what empowering message to women!!!!! Disappointed
The editing is on point tho
Not sure if text to speech or rap

I love it! Now THIS is how you advertise!
Advertisement done right.
Wonderful World of Chanel... And I love it! I live in it!.. Thanks, Chanel!
These are my favourite colours.
I wonder if these colours were chosen because they look Universally good on all skin tones
Negro. Blanco. Beige. Dorado. Rojo.
Tus colores y tus
Inspiraciones para diseñar crear y acer cosas hermosas que cambiaron muchas formas de pensar vestir usar y más.
Fuiste una mujer increíble y más
Qué perfecto! Todo encantó la edición del vídeo y contenido 👌👏👏👏 very good job Chanel 👏👏👏👌🌟
Lol uh okay so as far as the color beige is concerned black people aren't natural? Idk some of these are problematic
"Men hate women who weep." For a woman so ahead of her times, I found this statement quite surprising coming from her.
Ein wundervolles video😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋😘😘😘😘