The Colors - Inside CHANEL

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The Colors - Inside CHANEL

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The Colors - Inside CHANEL Top ♥
Beige isn't the only skin color 🙂. Also "men hate women who weep". It's not like every woman needs men to love her. Different people have different objectives in life.
The brandbook of Chanel. Section 2: Corporative colors.
This is so interesting
Whose funeral was she referring to @ 2:21
R.I.P. Lagerfeld
RIP Mr Lagerfeld ❤️
RIP Karl
How do they express "SEXY" with only colors and texts?
I felt like hypnotised
I cry with passion, rage and walk out with confidence when I see this video. I follow all her advices. Its timeless and incredible just the 2.5.5 and the chanel suit and No.5.
I never cry publicly after reading her biography, instead apply my red lipstick. Its better when you keep your heels head and standards high!
V €V€NT$
This Video is speaking on behalf Colors
"Men hate women who weep?" Yeah and women are not going to hide their emotions in order to be liked by men, if a man can't handle me expressing natural emotions then I'll find a new man, NEXT !
It was perfect right before saying men hate women who weep 😐 what empowering message to women!!!!! Disappointed
The editing is on point tho
Not sure if text to speech or rap

I love it! Now THIS is how you advertise!