The Colors - Inside CHANEL

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The Colors - Inside CHANEL

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The Colors - Inside CHANEL 素晴らしい( ^∀^)b
These videos are incredible, Chanel really is THE designer brand.
I think ive had an epileptic seizure
My eyes are blessed 😻
when someone asks what is perfection, show this
I wear these colours on a daily basis.
I know how to say the last two parts
Thank you ! Classic Karl ~ Jennie ~ for any Artists everywhere ~ especially textile design ~
Understand your REDS ~ Look at Color theory ~ Jennie
Munsell is usually used I I use Johann Itten.
My thoughts because I am extremely sensitive to color is not a scarlet unless you have the coloring that express's Chanel.
Karl knows Color Theory to Perfection.
Epic ,eligent and yet magical 🙌🌌🌌🌌🌌
Beige is the only natural skin tone ?😂
Dear Tumblr users,

Now THIS is what real aesthetic is.
If you think about it again this advertisement would be quite creepy if it were just some person OBSESSED with Coco Chanel
Very runway music.
Forever my favorite inside Chanel! I could watch this for hours.
They just released the soundtrack of the entire Inside Chanel series! It's on iTunes:
it's 2017 and i still watch this video