The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful (Music Video)

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The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful (Music Video)

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The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful (Music Video) Spider Man
I liked the movie but there was too much cgi.
this song is so beautiful and dreamy
Best book ever.
If you know, there is the life you can choose to live... please live like Gatsby, but the rest.. key is when you know it....
Life means to go after all means.. by any chance...never stop itself
When one, againsts all odds, still, always focuses on the Green Light of his life - a resemble of hope and beauty of a world that he believes in and thinks which should be ... nothing or no one else matters in this world... because he's already became the beauty and green light of your life when he perceives and deperately chases after it. It is always not a pity but a beauty, if you have some one that is living a life like that, because becomes the green light on the sea in your life.
2:49 I hope that it's not a cellphone because it might ruin the entire movie.
This show is a masterpiece❤,lust for what could've been, longing, betrayal, everything.👏👏👏
Why am I crying.
Damn this was a great movie
Had to read this book for school and Literally this is my favorite movie ever
Love love 💕
This song never gets old. Lana Del Rey has a beautiful voice.
Один из самых лучших фильмов,о том что главная в жизни любовь,о том как она убивает и одновременно окрыляет,здесь нет той «сказочной» любви,а суровая реальность,которая по своему прекрасна...
In this clip this movie looks really nice, but in reality.. make it clear, Leo was great ;)
Классная песня. А книгу не оч поняла и фильм тоже
This movie had such gorgeous visuals ❤️✨
“Old sport”.