The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful (Music Video)

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The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful (Music Video)

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The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful (Music Video) I just seen the movie a couple weeks ago. It was good but the ending was utterly sad and depressing that it felt like I was really in the great depression. Only one person showed him true loyalty and unconditional love, beyond death and that was Nick. That is how all relationships are supposed to be, not everyone leaving when things get really dark. It's sad that Nick had to pick up the pieces but somehow find his own solace at the end.
This song and accompanying video are haunting. Life is short.
How many of y'all knew this was a remake from the original 1974 one I just watched it today from the 1920s
so in love
The deepest part of the entire story was nly nick remained out of the thousands ....the thousands partied with Gatsby's money n didn't turn up where as nick was the nly one that didn't take a penny and was was the nly one who remained loyal....this movie is a masterpiece......really deserves an oscar
Do not make 'god' from you girlfriend and you will be happy!
Use women's bodies and souls! :-)
is 2:50 an anachronism?
I hate Daisy
This is so sad and beautiful.. Im crying 😭 every time i hear this song or see this movie Im crying not once but a few times
This is art
The most beautiful YouTube vid in all of YouTube😩💓
What a movie....Leonardo DiCaprio the best actor ever!!
The lesson of this story is to forget about people that we used to love when he/she got married..forget him/he... past is past..
Love you too much avnu
I love this moviee....
Здравствуйте, aperfecte!

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