The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful (Music Video)

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The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful (Music Video)

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The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful (Music Video) الصورة لرؤيتها أ في
I know that you will
Leo dw, there's so many fishes in the sea, and you of course won't have trouble catching them ☺️
im crying
daisy is a bitch and everyone knows that
This song is so euphoric.. it makes me want to spend the night in an enchanted forest
Halimem, bu muzigi sana evlendigimizde dinletecegim, izletecegim. Insallah...
I’m crying right now
The great gatsby is a peculiar movie in mi opinión is awesome and the development it make your experience different emotions is fantastic with this movie has a more real and sad end is fantastic. Look at it!!! <3
i love leonardo dicaprio
Beautiful song
The Great Gatsby is good motivation for me, to be like him, but not do his mistakes!
How many times I play this song I remember about Gatsby's tough story and it makes me very sad for him that he died so young ... did you notice that his last words were "Daisy" the name of the girl for which he did all this!
very great movie
This is beauty in a whole video 😍
Everything is a missunderstanding
Tobey Maguire and Leonardo Decaprio <3