The LEGO NINJAGO Movie - Trailer 1 [HD]

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The LEGO NINJAGO Movie - Trailer 1 [HD]

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The LEGO NINJAGO Movie - Trailer 1 [HD] I don't know who these people are, but they certainly aren't Lloyd, Zane, Kai, Jay, Nya, Cole, Sensei Wu, Garmadon or any citizen in Ninjago.
Who plays the voice of the bride? Does it sound like Anna Kendrick to anyone else?
The movie was awesome but some scenes from the trailer dont come out in the movie ☹ i notes that i was like, man if those scenes where there it would have 3 or 6 jokes more and cooler actions scenes untill it will take the movie a long time for me i think is worth it. I like the movie anyway i like the hole plot of the movie.(i said plot for not to spoil the movie)
wbp. what about the ant bully and movie come out the ant bully 2??
What's this song 1:14
Honestly, this was pretty good.
Taylor swift + lego 😣
1:53 Best Part
I can honestly see why parents, specifically single parents, got pissed at this but screw you that was funny lmfao 😂😂😂😂
It feels weird to see some of these scenes aren't in the movie.
LEGO ninjago masters of spinjutsu (the original series) Curbstomps this movie into oblivion

Seriously tho in MY OPINION the original series 700 duodecillion times better than this movie it doesn’t even stick to the story like like the ninja barley know how to use there powers garmadan is still evil and alive and Lloyd is an adult like it makes no sense garmadan should be a good guy and he should be dead and Lloyd should still be a kid because that one time travel mess up episode if you watch the original you’ll know what I mean like I’m kinda disappointed with this movie like I expected a new villain a story that makes sense with the series and like the ninja having to like destroy the universe to kill the villain or something cool like that
The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)
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No it’s loyl
That right,your son, and it lloyd,
No, N.l.O.Y.D, i name you
L.L.O.Y.D i named you
So funny
I didn't like the character redesigns, but I saw the movie today and I kinda like it.
Even though I haven't really seen much of the Nexo Knights, they should maybe do a movie of it......
My score of the movie: 7/10
Most of these scenes were deleted