The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

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The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

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The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast At 9.31 how do you spell that philosophers name. Thanks
What are these Ted guys selling?
There are criticisms like these:

Patients should not be subjected to the radiation and expense of a SPECT scan without credible evidence (from controlled, peer-reviewed studies) that it is likely to help them.He is relying on experience and anecdote rather than on acceptable scientific evidence.He has not validated that scans show what he claims they show.He uses unscientific terminology like “your brain is cool at rest.”He has not shown that his outcomes are better than those of doctors who do not do SPECT scans.He has created his own idiosyncratic classifications of illness based on scan results, classifications that go beyond the DSM and that have not been validated elsewhere. For instance, he divides ADHD into classic, inattentive, over-focused, temporal lobe, limbic and “ring of fire,” and obesity into compulsive, impulsive, impulsive convulsive, sad, and anxious.He prescribes inadequately tested natural remedies, irrational mixtures of nutritional diet supplements, hyperbaric oxygen, and other questionable treatments.

A riff on traumatic brain injuries. He goes on to talk about unrecognized damage from traumatic brain injuries, recommending that SPECT scans be routinely used on military personnel and those at risk of sports injuries. But he has only his own anecdotal impressions that SPECT scans can add anything useful to the usual diagnostic process for TBI, which already includes CT and MRI scans.


Amen fails to make his case that “Not Looking at the Brain leads to Missed Diagnoses, Failed Treatments, and Dangerous Behaviors.” He accuses conventional doctors of “flying blind.” But maybe he is the one flying blind, blinded by delusions born of exalting personal experience above rigorous scientific testing and allowing the lure of celebrity and riches to cloud his judgment. Isn’t it curious that while he claims to be at the cutting edge of scientific medicine, this article was published in an alternative medicine journal?
is 15 minutes enough for him to make himself a savior of the world? sounds like a infomercial. get a brain scan, everything will be solved. mental illness, crime, social disasters even poverty.
Our society sucks. In many ways we are far worse than the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, etc as to how we treat our citizenry. This is great technology that needs to be widely used on people who society has thrown away. However, the profit incentives to keep people imprisoned is much greater than the incentive to treat them medically so they can return to society.
This is the best talk I could find on Psychiatry in 2017. What could be better is a neural network that could learn and analyse those 83000 brain activity scans and corresponding behaviours and diagnose issues and suggest treatment. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual looks like severely outdated.
Twenty-two years ago I was given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. They did some sort of tests on me at the mental health hospital but no one ever showed those results to me. It makes sense to look at the brain via cat scans, MRI or SPEC, etc but rather useless if these results are never shared with the patient. I live in Canada. Personally it doesn't bother me if he's rich as long as he's honest and accurate. I wonder why he didn't mention a thing about bipolar disorder?
Anyone else feel jipped? 15 mins and we have no idea what the training to heal the brains entailed, only that you can change your brain... underwhelmed. Glad to hear psychologist are looking at brains.
Thanks Dr.
This man is awesome, too bad that we are not implementing this clinically!
He had me until he started making excuses for criminals.
I clapped. I went wide-eyed. I laughed and swore in amazment. This is fantastic work. Dr Amen is a legend.
That was beautiful. What a wonderful thing for humanity
How is it possible to talk for 15 minutes and still say almost nothing of importance. The title of this talk is the only important information we're getting. The lesson is that you have to examine the brain in order to successfully treat a condition
The substance called VegEpa has proven to be very effective at growing new brain cells, as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy that is second to none in brain damage and repair field.
"La violencia es la expresion del problema, no es el problema" esa frase vale todo el video
The best TED talks are the ones that open your eyes to a completely new way of thinking about certain issues. Funny how we give such short shrift to the very organ that determines everything about the way we live and perceive our lives.
sooo, how exactly does his program works? he never explained..
IWow! Fantastic. ? Why not scan the brains of the people who treat other people in the first place? See if they are up to the task...