The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil -HQ

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The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil -HQ

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The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil -HQ I first heard this song on CoD Black Ops.

Who cares if we heard it from a Video Game, we all came here to enjoy the song as much as everyone else and thank Video Games to open the door to good music unlike how most music is now.
I'm a fetus in my mom's womb and I prefer this over any of the music in my generation #realmusiconly
Who's here from mafia 3?
Suck my unit.
I was born in 509988888776555456778875444 and I hate today's shitty music on these things called spazmoids so I listen to this nstead
The troopadoors were like ancient reconnaissance
Made dam sure the Pilot washed his hand's and sealed his fate !!!
I am acutely unimpressed by both the devil and it's various followers. Good luck in the afterlife you retarded reprobates.
guns >>>>>>>
Axel Rose should be punished for eternity for what he did to this song. Rock and Roll circus version is the best.
Мой первый магнитофон и одна из моих первых записей, как летит время и мне уже никогда не будет шестнадцать......
so going to play this song In church JK lol
at some point this had 666 views.
Anyone here because you had cool parents and put on rock when you were a baby
OK, I admit, I am the devil. So what! let's have some fun!
i cant stop singing this song its so good i love the rolling stones
Tá amarrado!
Black ops 1
"Woop woo"
I'm here because I know the Mr Man of the Song 😈