The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

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The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

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The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony Buen tema
Any where I go walking, I jam to this song! Even if it's to my bathroom. 😁
Childhood song I didn't like it but I used to watch this video wondering how the singer's acting iphone x drop test hamer
wonder what street this is?
Definitely the best song of the stones.
Truth is made up of two parts, the sweet truth and the bitter truth. the sweet truth is the aspirations mankind has for itself to strive for excellence, to achieve greatness; the bitter truth is the failures incurred along the way in the quest towards the goal of trying to achieve them and when you combine the sweet truth with the bitter truth you arrive at the whole truth and the whole truth is always BITTERSWEET and it sits alone and can not be comforted by anybody.
why so many dislikes ?
1:03 WTF jaja
Buscaba esta canción desde el 2009, al fin la encontré.
Classic, really really a bigger classic!
One of my favourite childhood songs
dice se mamou
That was played on my parent wedding!
Fuck The Rolling Stones!
Slave to the $. Tammy N KY my x turned me in to this song
This is how I walk in GTA 4
This video is too deep!
Great music , not sure about the video .