The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

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The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

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The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony The song that everybody loves, but nobody remembers...
Hoxton Market
Walking to a maths lesson
British Indie music was great in the 90's.
I still enjoy listening to it now.
It might be me getting old but the music now is shocking, everything has to have a bit of rap in each song for the sake of it.
Only good bands going these days is Kasabian
This song is the 90s... this shit is like a time machine back to 1998
I don't like.I'm sorry.💔
Excellent music theme
Es estúpido preguntar "¿Alguien del 2017?" Todos estamos en el 2017, no saltamos a través de los años, los que murieron no te pueden contestar y los que acaban de nacer no saben ni hablar. Por favor gente.
P.D. También es cagante preguntar si están viendo un video viejo en 2017, a nadie le importa.
I listed to this after the season finale of Samurai Jack. They honestly should've put this at the ending credit scenes.
He just keeps on walking.We all should.
"The matrix is a system Neo..."
Love it
love rock
proud to be from wigan
why did he stop when the car passed in front of him?? pussy.
he walks like a badass whole video then stops in front of a car. pussy.
Did he just walk through Whitechapel market/east area london bumping whoever is in the way
My dad would play this in the car a lot when I was a kid and I loved the sound of the instruments i would just sit back and close my eyes and listen not having a care in the world.