The Wanted - Chasing The Sun

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The Wanted - Chasing The Sun

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The Wanted - Chasing The Sun 2017 alguém ?
the first girl looks like Dallas Lovato
İs that Francis?
cade os BR?
the last time a hear this song is 6 years old
Song sux
2017 and I'm on a "the wanted" binge streak T^T I miss their songs so much I want them to have a comeback....<3
Damn Old Days...
Director x was just like "what's the stupidest plot to a music video ever?" "Oh yea tattoos and vampires perfect!"
memories,love this
I Miss them
caralho, achei q ngm mais lembrava dessa música - tá cheio de BR aqui KJKJKK
still missing :'v
What happens to them
In those times I used to be a directioner,but I realise I know all The wanted songs😂😂😂 they were like my guilty pleasure😂😂
I really like this song, but they never had the chemistry that a boyband need, they look like a parody of one tbh.
2017 and still love the old wanted
uma das melhores musicas no mundo kr
Eu amo eles!!! :(
18/06/2017 #♡