Thirty Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water (Lyric Video)

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Thirty Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water (Lyric Video)

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Thirty Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water (Lyric Video) Vizeh?
This song gets me so emotional man!!!
Like you a lot.
i love it
This song is the best song ever made in the whole world, what a voice!! amazing song, amazing nation... Amazing man Jared ❤
Did Q write this shit?
So beautiful
I play when I play a baseball game
dance de musique blait
0:47 man sitting on the toilet and smiling :D
Help raise this boy to become a man. As he has his eyes on the office which is oval, on the white brick which was built by the architect.
Can't wait till college football
This a bop
Like si viniste por la propaganda de los partidos del mundial de la TV publica
A great song, shame it's about patriotism.
I Love You So Much, Jared Leto ❤️
I heard this song on facebook video called as "people are awesome "
And now i believe that what made that video awesome was this song and nothing else 💕💕💕💕
0:47 WTH..... just continue the vid then after it says ‘times are changing’ pause then play then pause then play... until u see someone in the potty like AHHHH
And 0:48 dab!