Tinashe - 2 On (Explicit) ft. SchoolBoy Q

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Tinashe - 2 On (Explicit) ft. SchoolBoy Q

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Tinashe - 2 On (Explicit) ft. SchoolBoy Q 2:57 OMG THIS PART REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF Sean Paul - We Be Burnin!!!! Anyone else or is it just me?
This shit was stuck in my head because it found it on this channel but only played 3 secs of the beat...at first i thought it was chene aiko and schoolboy q ........took me a hour to find
Still liking this. Tinashe is a gorgeous hottie and dropping hot tracks. Hell yeah. I love grooving to this... while getting my fade on.
I love to get on
Get 2 on.
Na na v
Only came here for Q!
I like your songs 2on😎😍😎😍🍺🍺🍻🍻
Dolan twins vine???😚😚😍
I miss 2014, what a fucking badass year 💝 this song and red nose describes it so well
I love to get you on 💞
I always play this on repeat when I'm getting ready to go clubbing.
Wish it didnt have the rap part.
instrumental is similar with BOB headband
Here because of the PumaxFenty drama lol didn't know who this girl was
From 2:55 to 3:18 copied from from Sean paul's we be burning. Did you take permission from Sean tinashe??
Yo te amo mí señorita y mí Bebe (I love u tinashe) ustedes Bonita nana. (Your pretty)💯💯💯💯💯💯
what means i want to get on??