Tom Petty - Into the great wide open (with Johnny Depp)

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Tom Petty - Into the great wide open (with Johnny Depp)

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Tom Petty - Into the great wide open (with Johnny Depp) Just the thing to sooth the savage beast
Harry Chapin W.o.l.d
Good Bye Tom Petty thank you for the Music............
Rest in Peace Mr.Petty.
One of the .best singers in history. You will be missed Tom. R.I.P.
Faye Dunaway is the best thing about this video..besides the great Tom Petty.
Thanks for the tunes. I will forever enjoy them Tom.
Keep on Rockin on Mr Petty!
A fantastic song. RIP Tom...very sad! :-(
what a song....what a story, what a tune!'s just an amazing composition specially the guitar licks!.....RX ONO BAND
Notice Tom is the Mad Hatter in this vid?
I was 9 when I saw this video and heard Tom Petty for the first time ever. Definitely still one of my all time favorite songs. I wish I had been able to catch him this past summer when he passed through Queens, NY on his tour. Rest in Peace Tom. You were, are, and forever will be a legend in the rock and roll world.
R.I.P. Tom Petty. So glad i seen you in concert a couple times. XO
God, what a video. Great memories. RIP Tom.
The world has just gotten a little smaller, RIP, Tom Petty.
RIP Tom Petty. Your music will live on. This was one of your catchiest songs.
RIP Tom.
RIP Tom Petty. A true artist and legend. You wrote songs from the heart.
We love you Tom !!!