Tool - The Pot

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Tool - The Pot

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Tool - The Pot Wish it was on spotify
I don't always listen to Tool, but when I do, I listen to more.
Leave it to those damn giant snails to steal all the good prostitutes.
Please play on volume eleven🤘
Damn this some gud shit.
Tool keeping me sane in shitty South Africa.
Ya Must Have Been HIGH! ! !
Liar, lawyer mirror for you whats the difference?
Mind = blown
Is this really the official video?
I remember this cartoon from way back when. :P
Balls deep in muddy waters.
to whoever won't shut up about it.
so what you talking bout.... this song go's so fucking hard
still good audio, regardless of the video
Conto pras crianças a história do caramujinho.. corto o final com a mulher seminua e eles simplesmente amam... é falam tia. Conta a história de novo haha♡♡
This video is now 11 years old.
My mother died of cancer and I heard there was a cure found a few weeks ago then nothing? We need to star asking questions.
The pot?? I smoke that shit!! light me up some of that GOOD chronic!!! Bow wow wow yipee yo yipee YAY!! Snoop Doggs in the motha fuckin house! So Awesome O_o!!
Kangaroo government, kangaroo population