Tool - The Pot

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Tool - The Pot

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Tool - The Pot Traten de no perderse mucho en otro planeta con "The pot"
"Hypocrisy" love this track
This was one of the first youtube videos I ever watched.
The song makes me want to snort some heroin, so, I just did 😁😎. "Ya musta been ... Highhhyah"
How the fuck does this song fit so perfectly with this animation?
sagopanın lan bu klip
vid flows well, and meets the meaning at points...very awesome! :)
That bass makes me wanna shave my head and start killing n*ggers
That MathaFucking Bass Line! Fuck Me!
Knowing Tool, this actually would be believable as the official music video.
Who knows ? Crying can grow plants?!
Who knows? Crying can grow plants right?
Every Bass Line from Tool is the best one.... Fucking Great.....
4:36 FUCK YEAH!!!!!! \m/
Such a groovy bassline, something you can really move to.
8,000 people must have been high not to like this song... Just sayin.
I feel like this is an allegory for socialism :)
my friend knew about this band and he didn't tell me. I found schism on some random post. I am pissed that he didn't tell me about this masterpiece. thank god I found it nonetheless.