Tool - The Pot

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Tool - The Pot

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Tool - The Pot Banging with headphones on is not healthy. Don´t try this at home.
Song has more energy than a nuclear reactor lol
this song fuck fuck fuck i listened to it 10000000 time and i"m not bored <3
I watched this video high, it tripped me out man.
actual footage of maynards vineyard production.
This is my first time hearing Tool and all I can say is that I hope they start posting music on Spotify 🤷🏻‍♂️
"][" {[]} {[]} [[_ |§ αmαz|Πg §¤ g¤Φd!
Bass is just running in my brain again and again..sounds hallucinating
I agree great bass line
Weardist video
But who are you to wave your finger
Tool's Perfect Puscifer
Like si te masturbas con tools
You'd almost would have to be insane to not love this track, the arrangement is superb!
Regardless if this song is their most popular or not, it sure is hella fun to listen to.
4:27 Onwards.... that riff.... Heaven....
fcking awesome
Tool are incredible (that's why I'm here) but there are a lot of really good bands who are also very good, especially if you're a bit open minded. Some of my favourite bands to date are: The Body, Swans, Yellow Eyes, Suuns, Sonic Youth (start with 80s, tons of albums), Meshuggah, The Fall (massive discography, find the good stuff). Check them out.
Try 1.25 Speed. God the bass line
Beautiful video, story wise especially. The plants florishing from his pain...Wow